PHOTOS Fan demands a photo with Kanye West, gets impressive response

Kayne West - Fur Coat

The following sequence of images is one good reason for never, ever wanting to be a celebrity. The photos were taken in New York City today as Kanye West was getting into a car and a fan asked — nay, demanded — a picture.

Kanye West - Fan Selfie

Impressively, the paparazzi who captured these pictures said Kanye called the selfie fan over to the car and agreed to take a proper shot. That’s a much better reaction than the photographer Kanye put in a headlock received… Although Kanye later claimed he was acting in self-defense.

Within the past year, the notoriously tough-exteriored Kanye has shown his emotional side on a few occasions. Most recently, concertgoers reported he reflected on the past decade…

“These past 10 years have been amazing. There’s been some ups and downs. I made some mistakes and I’ve made some accomplishments,” Kanye said during his Feb. 21 concert, a source told InTouch. “There’s only one thing I regret. There’s only one thing I wish I could change out of everything that’s ever happened. I wish that my mother could’ve met my daughter.”

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