PHOTOS Austrian comedian in blackface denies accosting Kim Kardashian, using N-word

Kim Kardashian Opera Ball Gown

Kim Kardashian’s night at Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner’s Opera Ball was anything but a fairy tale. According to sources, Kim felt uncomfortable in the presence of her date and was later accosted by comedian Chris Stephan.

Kim and chaperone Kris Jenner left the annual society event well before her scheduled dance with Richard Lugner, despite getting paid $500,000 for her attendance. A Kardashian source defended Kim, telling New York Daily News Kim “went along with her contractual obligation” despite the rude treatment she received.

Kim Kardashian - Richard Lugner Opera Ball

The source added Kim was “a complete professional.” Nonetheless, Richard Lugner was displeased.

“She’s filming and so she doesn’t want to have me around,” he told reporters before the ball, Radar Online reports. “The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon.”

Kim Kardashian - Richard Lugner

Kardashian sources told TMZ the billionaire wasn’t exactly a gentleman. Kim reportedly complained he was aggressive and grabby.

Still, she was willing to put up with it all until Austrian TV comedian Chris Stephan approached her while wearing blackface and pretending to be Kanye West. He reportedly asked her to dance to “N***ers in Vienna,” a reference to Kanye’s similarly titled song about Paris.

“I was nice and gentle,” Chris said on Facebook this morning, adding he was commissioned by Kim’s date. “Richard Lugner called me and said ‘Kim wants to see her man, Chris do something.'”

Chris Stephan - Kanye West Blackface

The Puls4 personality said it was meant to be in good fun. He denied using offensive language.

“The N-word bulls**t is not right,” Chris said. “I apologize again for anyone who felt under attack.”

Chris’ employer also released a statement: “Like every year, Chris Stephan prepared a costume for the Opera Ball… To get an interview with Kim Kardashian, this year he dressed as Kanye West. Painting his face dark for that was part of the costume and not an act of racism. Also, he didn’t in any way have any intention of insulting Miss Kardashian. Puls4 and also Chris Stephan want to apologize for this misunderstanding.”

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