PHOTO Brandi Glanville’s laser treatment facial goes a little wrong

Brandi Glanville laser treatment facial photo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Brandi Glanville was photographed without make-up outside her home in Los Angeles earlier this week and sites that posted the images (such as the Daily Mail) were a little less than kind with their commentary. Brandi took to Twitter on Wednesday and wrote, “@DailyMail,I had my face& hands burned by a laser its steal healing but thnks 4 stalk n me at home!” and added the photo above, taken soon after her laser treatment.

Brandi later revealed that the laser treatment was to help with her melasma, a discoloration of the skin usually caused by sun exposure and/or pregnancy. It seems the lasers were a bit too strong for her skin, resulting in burns — and to make things worse, it did nothing for her melasma.

“I had a cool beam laser that was too harsh for my skin,” Brandi tells RumorFix. “I did it to try and get rid of my Melasma. I have blisters and scabs on my face even now three weeks later and I still have my f***ing Melasma. So that no makeup pic (on RadarOnline) is unfair because I’m still healing.”

And in case you missed it, the treatment burned her hands so much Brandi was forced to wear gloves to the McDonald’s Premium McWrap launch party! If you click the link you will see a frightening photo of what Brandi’s hand looked like, and you will also see Brandi turning misfortune into Miss Supersexy by pairing her black leather gloves with a matching skin-tight leather outfit that had me in Photoshop making a comic book movie poster!

Brandi also talked more about what happened and how the healing process is going with her fans on Twitter. Here is some of what she’s written over the last couple days:

@BrianTooFab doctor said he could get rid of my melasma :/ it was to hard for my skin. Still healing, its been depressing #skinobsessed

I have scabs and blisters on my face and makeup isn’t good for them oh and It didn’t help my melasma:(

I have a skin obsession and when all this Hollywood stuff is over I will def be in the beauty biz!

I’m healing from being burned by a laser and makeup isn’t good for healing.once I’m healed I will post a real no makeup pic

they said 3 days downtime and a little redness… Still healing and I can kind of cover with makeup :/

Knowing that Brandi has such a great sense of humor we thought we would honor her humble act of sharing her post-laser treatment photo with a post-laser treatment photo laser treatment photo!

Brandi Glanville laser treatment laser portrait

I’m still not convinced this wasn’t the result of Kyle Richards using an illegally powerful laser pointer. Of course, it probably wouldn’t be Brandi’s face that was damaged but another couple perky parts. (I’m shuddering just thinking about it!)

So have any of you had a bad experience receiving laser treatment?