PHOTO Blac Chyna tattoo: She gets ‘Future’ inked on her hand, appears to confirm relationship

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Rumors of Blac Chyna trying to win Tyga back would appear to be debunked–for now. On Sunday, the latest Blac Chyna tattoo became public knowledge, and it seemed to confirm a second set of rumors that has dogged the 27-year-old for weeks: namely, that she’s in a relationship with Atlantan rapper Future.

Reports of Blac Chyna trying to win back her baby daddy Tyga intensified following Tyga’s relationship  with Kylie Jenner going public after Jenner turned 18 this past August. (Everybody got that?) Either Blac–whose real name is Angela White–or friends closely associated with Blac have gone on record multiple times with the news that Blac not only wanted Tyga back, but that she wanted another child by him.

At the same time, though, Blac has been seen out and about with current rap sensation Future: the pair have been linked romantically thanks to several less-than-surreptitious appearances at parties, clubs, and the like. Future, who is five years Blac’s (and Tyga’s) senior, celebrated his first-ever Billboard #1 album this past summer, and has been riding a wave of success ever since.

So it was perhaps not surprising when, this afternoon, a photo of the latest Blac Chyna tattoo went up on Instagram:

Thought it was a drought ?

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Blac has also been seen on set at the shoot for Future’s video “Stick Talk.” And it would appear that the “drought” to which she refers–Blac’s Instagram has lately been full of taunters and borderline haters commenting on her lack of sexified updates–is a direct shot at those commenters.

Of course, “Thought It Was A Drought” is also the name of a Future song…

One thing’s for sure: that is a painful spot to get a tattoo.

(Photo credits: Future, Blac Chyna tattoo via Instagram)

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