PHOTO Vinny Guadagnino adds to his “Let Go – Let God” chest tattoo

Vinny Guadagnino Chest Tattoo Let Go Let God with a heart

During season 5 of Jersey Shore, Vinny Guadagnino was having a tough time with his anxiety issues. The distraught star eventually left during the middle of filming the season and returned back to Staten Island. While at home in New York, Vinny got a new tattoo which read, “Let Go, Let God.” Vinny recently added to the piece and has revealed the new photo on his Twitter account for fans to see!

Earlier this morning, he tweeted the pic (above) along with the caption, “When I got tatted by @IMShaneONeill a month ago. ‪#OUCH!” Can you believe Vinny has been hiding the tat for an entire month?! What’s even more notable about ‘a month ago’ is that Vinny was in Seaside Heights at the time, where he and the rest of the cast were filming Jersey Shore‘s sixth season. However, the fact that he has revealed the pic already, is a big clue that we probably won’t be seeing it go down on camera.

Fans may remember how secretive Vinny was about the first part of his tattoo before the last season aired. Vinny had been seen out in Hollywood (with Kris Humphries, randomly) after filming his tattoo debut for season 5 and wouldn’t say a thing about it! “I can’t tell you.. it’s season 5,” he told paparazzi.

Once the season began airing, fans finally saw Vinny’s tattoo debut! After the cast had been informed that Danny was thinking of replacing Vinny, they immediately went to get Vinny from Staten Island in episode 4 which was appropriately titled, “Free Vinny!” When the cast barged in on him and his family, they caught him shirtless — and sporting the new tattoo! The gang talked Vinny into coming back and he returned during the following episode. Who wouldn’t return with that Jersey Shore salary waiting?!

Vinny Guadagnino's Tattoo Reveal

As far as what the tattoo means, it’s actually kind of surprising! The saying “Let Go, Let God” has roots in the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous’ 12-step program. Since Vinny hasn’t been open about an alcohol or drug problem, we could assume that he simply relates to the phrase, which encourages one to let go of “fears, distrust, misconception, and suspicion.” Plus, Vinny had got the original tattoo after his stress level had been taken to an all time high at The Shore.

Luckily, Vinny Guadagnino lasted in the house for the entirety of the upcoming season 6. Why? He participated in stress-free activities such as flying above the Atlantic Ocean while wearing a jet pack!

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