90 DAY THE OTHER WAY Kris Foster stolen motorcycle details and update

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Kris Foster stolen motorcycle

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Kris Foster continues to drop major bombshell surprises on her Colombian fiancée, Jeymi. The latest shocker is that Kris may have to return to Alabama to appear in court. At the same time as the couple’s planned wedding!

Kris shares the news with Jeymi as they are filming while shopping for furniture together in Colombia. Kris reveals that her mother texted her to let her know she’d been served and may need to be in court the next week. Why did Kris have to be in court? Was she arrested?

Kris lets Jeymi know that she had been subpoenaed to appear “in order to prosecute the man who stole my rare motorcycle.” Wait, what?!

The scene cuts to a confessional with Kris in which she reveals more about the motorcycle and the theft. “Many months ago, a man broke into my garage and stole my rare motorcycle that my dad had given me right before he passed away,” Kris says. “I planned on selling my rare bike to have that money to further our future together here in Colombia.”

Back in the furniture store, Kris tries to soften the blow by using the unfortunate situation to illustrate how much she cares for Jeymi. “You were the only person that I would ever even remotely think about selling that bike for. You know? So it was really, really hard to have it taken from me. I can’t not put this man in jail for what he did.”

Jeymi is sympathetic, but also deeply saddened by the possibility that the couple may have to postpone their wedding.

Kris further explains her motivation to make sure the thief is prosecuted by revealing the rather large amount of money the motorcycle was worth. “That’s $50,000 that I lost from that that I was gonna have here,” Kris says. “So I can’t just let this man walk free.”

Details about Kris Foster’s motorcycle

$50,000 is A LOT of money for a motorcycle, meaning that it must have been quite rare indeed. So, what kind of rare bike did Kris have?

According to her Instagram account, it was a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. In January of 2021, Kris shared a photo of the bike along with a caption accusing a man named Zane Crutcher of stealing it:

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Kris Foster rare bike motorcycle stolen

I don’t know much about motorcycles, but the bike in the photo appears to match numerous photos of the 1995 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. Here’s an example of that model with the same color scheme along with Kris’s bike:

1995 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy yellow tank

I checked the internet trying to find 1995 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycles for sale, and I was able to find a handful. There are some that are priced in excess of $20,000, but they appear to be very high-end, customized versions. Used stock models were priced between $7,000 and $9,000.

Kelley Blue Book has an entry for “1995 Harley-Davidson Street: Standard & Cruiser FLSTF Fat Boy Softail” that says the “typical listing price” is $7,490 for bikes “in Good Condition with typical mileage.”

Here are some examples of pricing for 1995 Harley-Davidson Fat Boys, including an eBay listing that is currently active:

1995 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycles for sale

Zane Crutcher arrest details

I checked Alabama arrest records and there is a man named Zane Crutcher with several arrests in one of the two counties containing Kris’s hometown of Haleyville, Alabama.

One of Zane’s arrests was for receiving stolen property in December of 2020, which was one month prior to Kris sharing the Instagram post about her motorcycle being stolen.

Alabama court records are difficult to access, so it’s unclear if that arrest was connected to the theft of Kris’s bike. It’s also unclear if Zane was convicted or not.

Here is a booking photo of Zane from what appears to be an April, 2011 arrest for harassment, as you can tell from the dry erase board he’s holding:

Zane Crutcher arrest Alabama

Kris Foster’s motorcycle recovered by police

On Saturday, Kris went in and changed the Instagram caption on the photo of her stolen motorcycle and revealed that it has apparently been recovered by police! Unfortunately, it’s been sitting in an impound lot for a couple months and Kris can’t afford to get it out.

Kris’s full caption:

Why can’t Haleyville Police do their jobs!!! Why has my bike been in a impound lot for two months cause y’all forgot to tell me it was found??? Why am I responsible for paying for two months of fees ??? I can’t afford that and now I feel like I’m being robbed of it all over again?!!!???!!?😭😫 WHY???? I’m heartbroken!!!!!

A commenter asked if the motorcycle was insured, in which case the impound fees should be covered. “No it wasn’t insured because it wasn’t drivable and was stored in my garage until it could be fixed,” Kris replied.

Wait, so Kris’s motorcycle “wasn’t drivable?” That would obviously decrease its value.

We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for any additional updates on Kris Foster’s rare motorcycle! To find out if she had to make an impromptu return trip to Alabama to see justice served, or whether she remained in Colombia and walked down the aisle with Jeymi as planned, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airing Sunday nights at 8/7c!

UPDATE – Click the link in the tweet below for the latest from Kris on her stolen Harley!

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