OJ Simpson paternity test update: Khloe reportedly gets her wish, but there’s one catch

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It’s a surprising turn of events in the ongoing OJ Simpson paternity test dispute: numerous sources are now reporting that the jailed former NFL star might have a tentative agreement with Khloe Kardashian, who’s said to have asked OJ for a paternity test several times over the years. Last week, we brought you the most recent turn of events in that particular saga, with the alleged story of a security guard at OJ’s Nevada prison, who said he’d overheard Simpson and Kardashian arguing about a test on the phone. According to that guard, OJ allegedly asked him for advice–and, when the guard told OJ to take the test, Simpson replied, “It’s a family matter; it’s none of the public’s business.”

According to a new Inquisitr dispatch, though, OJ might have changed his mind. The same guard now claims that OJ agreed to take the test for Khloe, on the condition that she come out to the Lovelock Correctional Facility herself, and bring the test with her. In addition, there’s apparently been one even more stunning about-face: per the guard, OJ now wants to find out if Khloe is his daughter.

Every single story about Khloe’s true father that’s cropped up over the years–and there has been about one a year ever since Khloe joked about her father’s true identity in a 2009 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians–has focused on Khloe needing to know her father’s identity. If true (and that seems like kind of a big “if”), this would be the first time that OJ is the eager party.

An article over at Vibe corroborates the latest paternity test rumors involving OJ. That article also reminds us that it’s “been prove[n] dozens of times that Khloe is indeed the daughter of Robert Kardashian in the form of legal documents and statements from the man himself. Simpson is willing to take the test under the condition Khloe will sit and shoot the breeze with him.”

So, this could all be nonsense, or it could be a case of a lonely, long-term prisoner–OJ isn’t eligible for parole until October of 2017–who just wants to have a conversation with a familiar face.

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