Nick Gordon confesses to fight with Bobbi Kristina night of the bathtub incident

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Nick Gordon confessed to a huge argument with Bobbi Kristina the night of the bathtub incident that left her comatose, though Gordon stopped short of admitting any culpability in the incident. In a statement issued by his lawyers, Nick Gordon argued that the vast majority of charges in the $10 million civil lawsuit Bobbi Kristina’s estate brought against him are untrue, but did acknowledge that he and Bobbi Kristina fought, both audibly and in the presence of guests at Bobbi Kristina’s house, the night that Bobbi Kristina was found face down in her bathtub.

According to the documents that Nick Gordon’s lawyers filed on his behalf,


Defendant admits that the parties went out on the night in question, that he reviewed video footage and then had an argument with Ms. Brown and that he then changed clothes. Defendant denies the remaining allegations….Defendant admits that he tried to “wake up” Ms. Brown and attempted to get her to react and that he performed CPR on her.


However, according to some of the houseguests who witnessed and / or overheard the fight, Nick Gordon’s story isn’t quite accurate. At least one of those witnesses reported that the Nick Gordon-Bobbi Kristina fight lasted longer and was more intense than what Gordon claims, and further reported that Gordon “pushed” Bobbi Kristina into the bathroom.

Previously, Nick Gordon’s legal team asked that the $10 million lawsuit against their client be thrown completely out of court. Their client resides in Florida, Gordon’s lawyers claimed; for that reason, he couldn’t be tried in a Georgia courtroom, despite the Bobbi Kristina domestic abuse crimes that allegedly took place there.

There’s still no date for the Bobbi Kristina trial to begin. Legal experts say the delay is possibly due to private detectives digging up current dirt on Nick Gordon, any girlfriends he might have, and any actions he might have taken to cover up what could have happened the night of the Bobbi Kristina bathtub incident.


(Photo credits: Nick Gordon confesses via Twitter)

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