Nathan Griffith calls Jenelle Evans ‘crazy,’ says he has a new girlfriend


After ending their engagement again, Jenelle Evans said she and Nathan Griffith were “working on” everything and may reconcile — even after she spotted him out with another woman. It doesn’t seem Nathan is on the same page…

“Jenelle is crazy,” Nathan told Radar Online this week. He explained he only got back with her after ending their engagement the first time because he has a “big heart.” He added, “But we have a family together and I believe in second chances, so I gave it to her.. But now I am done. I can’t go back to all of that.”

As for Jenelle’s accusation he was cheating with a girl from the gym, Nathan confirmed he is seeing a new woman named Jessica Henry — but said that only began after he and Jenelle split.

“I was with Jessie before and I’m with her again. Jenelle and I are not together and I did not cheat on her. She knows we have been broken up,” said Nathan, who was still engaged to Jenelle as of her graduation less than two weeks ago.

Nathan vowed his relationship with Jenelle is really over this time, saying he “can’t take it anymore.” He explained, “She kept telling me ‘I’m going to ruin your life,’ and I just don’t care anymore.” Making the situation even more “messed up,” Nathan claimed MTV fuels the drama.

“MTV feeds into her ego,” he said. “They want her to get upset about things. When I got arrested the crew was there and they knew that I wasn’t hitting her. They just don’t care… Jenelle is addicted to drama… She needs help.”

In her own interview with Entertainment Tonight yesterday, Jenelle said she was the one who ended the engagement two weeks ago and voluntarily returned her ring to Nathan. (Again, that timeline is a bit blurry because Jenelle was pictured with Nathan and with her ring less than two weeks ago.) Now, Jenelle said she is trying to move forward.

“I’m enjoying being a mom,” she said. “I just celebrated my first son’s 6th birthday this weekend and it went fantastic. I am not looking to date anyone at the moment. I am focusing on myself.”

Watch some of the drama between Nathan and Jenelle unfold on this season of Teen Mom 2, airing on MTV on Thursdays at 10/9c.

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