PHOTOS Kailyn Lowry (Now Kailyn Irwin) and Jenelle Evans clubbin’ in Fayetteville, NC

Teen Moms Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Irwin head to a party with friends Hannah and Javi

The eventful day for Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry Irwin and Jenelle Evans has spilled over into the night as the gals are currently getting their party on at the official Rookie of the Year CD release party being held at Club Hellas near Fayetteville, North Carolina!

Earlier in the day Jenelle and Kailyn attended a fashion show for Pasion apparel, and after that there was a meet and greet with Rookie of the Year lead singer Ryan Dunson at Kickback Jack’s, (see photos of the earlier events HERE) and the evening closed out at the throwdown at Hellas with multiple bands performing in honor of ROY’s EP release Along for the Ride.

Teen Moms Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry with Jenelle's roommate Hannah Inman

As I mentioned in our previous post about Jenailynpalooza, Jenelle brought along her scrumptious rambunctious new pal/roommate Heather Inman and Kailyn made the trip from Pennsylvania with a dude (!!!) named Javi Marroquin. The foursome took turns taking and posing for photos at Hellas, along with Tarah from Fayetteville’s Diamonds and Gold, Inc. (@missfawn84), and of course a number of them have turned up on Facebook and Twitter!

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, her roommate Hannah Inman and Kailyn Irwin at Hellas

The gals are looking good and appear to be keepin’ it pretty tame with no brawling or Girls Gone Wild antics. But, the night is still young I suppose 😉

And in case you were wondering who we have to thank for this Teen Mom 2 convergence, here’s a photo of Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Irwin with their “manager” Dustin Lee from Life Is Good Agency Group who organized the whole event as well as Jenelle and Kailyn’s upcoming “Road to Redemption Tour” with musical group And By Love:

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry Irwin pose with Dustin Lee of LIG Agency Group

UPDATE – Uh oh. It seems things aren’t so sunny in Philadelphia Fayetteville after all! Soon after this post was written and I cashed it in for the night, Kailyn and Dustin Lee apparently had a serious falling out! Here’s what Kailyn said on Twitter:

“I have nothing positive to say about @lifeisgoodmusic. Terrible management and not worth my time or energy. #pissedoff”

And on Faceboook:

“I have absolutely nothing positive to say about Dustin at LIG Entertainment agency. The most unorganized agency I’ve ever worked with, how dare you set up something for me 12 hours away and tell me to pay my own way home. What kind of agency do you work for? I took away from my son, education and work to supposedly help people for this? I don’t have that kind of money, and I’ll let everyone know. Thanks a lot.”

And Jenelle chiimed in her support as well, retweeting what Kailyn wrote with the addition of “Me too”

“@KailLowry: I have nothing positive to say about @lifeisgoodmusic. Terrible management and not worth my time or energy. #pissedoff” me too

Hmmmm… Maybe Life Isn’t So Good! I think we can assume the “Road To Redemption Tour” is off for now – we will update if we find out more.

UPDATE – We talked with Kail, who shared her side of the story with us in a little more detail. CLICK HERE to check it out!

And here are all of the photos from the Hellas event together before shiz went bad! Just click the thumbnails for larger images:

Photos: Twitter
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