Nathan Griffith rant calling Jenelle Evans a liar on voicemail surfaces


A recent voicemail obtained by Radar reflects how acrimonious the relationship between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiance is.

Before you take a listen to Griffith’s rant from September 24, here’s a little back story to the tirade… A source says that Nathan wanted both of them to remain single after the split. But, “He was still seeing Jessica, but at the same time he was calling Jenelle arguing and telling her that he wasn’t dating Jessica — that they were just friends.”

When Griffith, the father of Jenelle’s son Kaiser, caught wind that Evans was dating David Eason, he fired off a number of nasty voice messages -the source added.

Nathan says in part:

“You won’t talk to me because you have to talk over people when you’re wrong. You have to start yelling… You were already talking to him when you were supposed to be on this path of being single and working towards our future and stuff like that… So, you lied… You need to grow up and take responsibility. I feel alot better about myself because I did the right thing and you didn’t”

The source concluded, “Nathan called Jenelle to try and tell her that she lied about ‘staying single.’ But Jenelle had already told him, ‘What does it matter?’ and that she had already moved on.”

Image: Facebook / Splash News

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