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Matt Baier deadbeat dad quote on Dr. Drew

Prior to the Teen Mom OG Season 6 premiere, star Amber Portwood and her controversial fiance Matthew Baier appeared on Dr. Drew to address numerous reports and rumors — including Amber’s alleged miscarriage due to prescription drug use, and Matt’s questionable past that includes at least five children from numerous women.

We previously shared a clip in which Amber and Matt addressed the reports that she recently suffered a miscarriage due in part to a prescription drug addiction. In case you missed it, all of the reports were based on a post published on a completely unreliable website, and Amber adamantly denied them.

In three additional clips just posted by Dr. Drew on Twitter, we get to see even more topics covered. So here are those clips with some of the best quotes transcribed for you:

Matt on being so much older than Amber: “She’s an old soul and I’m a little bit immature.” Matt also stated that he was not a “superfan” of Teen Mom and claims he only saw three episodes of Teen Mom 2. He also claims that his tweet hitting on Farrah Abraham was actually written by someone else. (He didn’t address the numerous hateful tweets directed at Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Kail Lowry.)

Matt on their wedding, which was originally planned for October: “We actually pushed it back about six months.”

Matt on allegations that he never had a drug addiction problem: “I wish I made up my addiction, I really do.” (Dr. Drew was very careful when he referenced Matt’s drug addiction past — at one point he referenced it by saying “the history you told me you had” to Matt.)

Dr. Drew on concerns over Amber getting into a relationship with Matt: “One of the things that happens with people in recovery is they reach for what they think is a life preserver and they grab an anchor — or an anvil.”

Dr Drew Amber Portwood Matt Baier interview

Matt on the numerous reports about his terrible relationship history: “Yes, I have a lousy past. The proof is bad enough — why make stuff up?”

Matt definitely states that he only has five children before addressing reports that he owes child support: “I owe zero dollars in child support.”

Matt on being called a deadbeat dad: “I wasn’t a deadbeat dad, I was an absentee dad back then, and I think there’s a big difference.”

Matt on people being concerned that Amber is getting involved with a con man only out for money and TV exposure: “I’ve been around for three years, I think she would have figured that out by now.”

Amber addressing the same thing: “I wish people would give me more credit.”

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