MUG SHOT PHOTO Jenelle Evans arrested for probation violation August 8, 2011

Jenelle Evans mug shot photo from her August 8 2011 arrest for a probation violation

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has once again found herself behind bars as she was arrested Monday night (August 8, 2011) for a probation violation. The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the arrest with numerous local news outlets, but haven’t released any details other than Jenelle was picked up for a parole violation and is currently being held on $10,000 bond.

As you probably know, Jenelle was already facing multiple parole violations after failing to attend counseling after getting out of rehab, not paying court fees, and test positive for THC, which is found in marijuana. (You can read all about that HERE) But, Jenelle was scheduled to appear in court on August 24 for that, so this must be something entirely different.

The news also comes on what was already a pretty horrible day for the troubled teen as earlier her ex Kieffer Delp posted her phone number online out of spite. Jenelle responded on twitter with these two revealing tweets:

You make me f***ing sick to my stomach, every time I think of you I puke. #f***inbitch. tell kieffer how much of a piece of sh!t he is PLEASE. im so upset. been crying all day. look what he said.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that Kieffer may have had something to do with Jenelle’s arrest – perhaps he phoned in an anonymous tip or something? That is purely speculation, but judging from the vitriolic exchanges between these two today it does seem likely.

UPDATE: Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan has revealed why Evans got arrested. You can get the latest info here.

For her mug shot photo, Jenelle Evans was wearing a pink shirt with a plunging neckline and her hair was up. To be honest, she looks like they rousted her out of bed – which she has apparently been sharing with a young surfer dude! Here are some photos shared by Jenelle on Twitter yesterday in which you can barely make out the young man sleeping beside her. (I’ve included her captions under each)

Jenelle Evans leaves Kieffer Delp, tweets photo of her and a guy sleeping together
^ Bye bye quieffer, hello gorgeous 🙂

Who is Jenelle Evans new boyfriend photo
^ Mmmmmmm 😉

We will update with another post when we have more information.

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