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Lindy Lou Layman arrested for drunkenly damaging $300k in art at 1st date’s house, including 2 Andy Warhol paintings

We have a new Worst First Date Hall of Fame inductee! 29-year-old Lindy Lou Layman (yes, that is her real name) was arrested in Houston two days before Christmas after she reportedly went home with millionaire Tony Buzbee during a first date and things then broke bad -- really bad. According to the prosecution, Lindy got a little too drunk and refused two Uber rides ordered by Buzbee before doing $300,000 worth of damage to some of Buzbee's art collection, including two original paintings by Andy Warhol. To make matters worse, Tony Buzbee is one of the state's most well-known attorneys!

Meet Bravo’s ‘Work of Art’ judge Jerry Saltz

On June 9th Bravo will kick off it’s fine-art-inspired reality competition show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist that will feature 14 aspiring artists competing for $100,000 dollars and a show at the Brooklyn Museum. In previous articles we have focused on the show’s sexy host China Chow, the gavel-wielding mentor Simon de Pury and Salon 94 co-founder Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, who will serve on the judges’ panel for the show. Sitting beside Jeanne will be New York Magazine senior art critic – Jerry Saltz, whose matter-of-fact opinions will be rubbing Saltz into the wounds of any of the aspiring artists who falter along the way!