After Teen Mom OG Reunion brawl, Simon Saran calls Amber Portwood a hippo and Matt a senior citizen pu**y

Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood

MTV might should have gotten Jerry Springer to replace Dr. Drew as host of the Teen Mom OG Season 6 Reunion because things reportedly got way outta hand way fast — including a physical altercation with punches thrown! And as if that weren’t enough, Farrah Abraham’s significant other Simon Saran continued his now-infamous sh*t stirring ways by offering up his post-brawl social media commentary further trashing Amber Portwood and her fiance Matt Baier!

We will start with the explosive Reunion drama, which reportedly started when the topic of Simon Saran’s derogatory comments about his cast mates came up. In case you missed it, Simon implied Amber’s fiance Matt is a pedophile during an episode a couple of weeks ago, and those comments came up at the Reunion.

Simon Saran Amber Portwood feud

“When Dr. Drew mentioned Simon had called Matt a pedophile, it seemed like he was heading in the direction of an apology, claiming it was all in fun,” a Reunion attendee tells Real Mr. Housewife. “However, Farrah piped in and said well he does kind of look like a pedophile.”


That comment reportedly infuriated Amber Portwood, who stormed on stage screaming! This is when the Reunion turned into a Jerry Springer episode. From Real Mr. Housewife:

Amber stormed onstage and started yelling at Farrah. Michael, Farrah’s Dad, got out of his seat and got in between Farrah and Amber and was yelling at Amber and calling her a bitch. Then, Matt came onstage and got in between Amber and Michael.

At this point, there was reportedly physical contact between Michael and Matt, with the result being Michael “flying into the audience.” Meanwhile, Farrah was reportedly screaming at Amber to punch her. (PLEASE say Farrah is wearing her Froco sunglasses during all of this!) “Amber tried and just missed hitting Farrah,” the insider says.

And Amber was apparently not the only one wanting a piece of Farrah, as the source reports that Maci Bookout McKinney had to be held back by security and could be heard “screaming that she wanted to come on and was going to f**king kill Farrah.”

After the dust settled and everyone had returned to their hotel rooms (or other reality show sets) Simon took to Twitter for yet another installment of #SimonSays in which he called Matt a senior citizen p*ssy and described Amber Portwood as a hippo:

Simon Saram Amber Portwood hippo tweet

A couple of the other Teen Mom OG dads responded to the Reunion brawl, but were far less specific:

Amber Portwood also posted after the Reunion taping, but had nothing to say about the drama:

UPDATE – Real Mr. Housewife has since added that Maci Bookout, Catelynn Baliterra, and Amber Portwood all walked off stage after taping was delayed due to Farrah. According to the source, Maci expressed her frustration to Dr. Drew and pointed out that she, Amber, and Catelynn are always professional and on time and that Farrah always causes delays. The source says Maci spilled some specifics as well, stating that “she arrived at 9:30 AM and it was now 10 PM and the reason it was so late was that Farrah threw a fit this AM and made everyone wait for five hours like she does every time.” It is believed that Maci’s statements followed by the Three Amigas walking off stage is what Taylor was referencing in his “Mic drop” tweet above.

UPDATE – Lawdy lawd the drama continues!!! Click here to catch up on all the latest, which includes LOTS more trolling from Simon, more responses from Amber, and responses from Catelynn Baltierra, Farrah Abraham, and more!

And as a bonus, here’s a take on the reported melee from the dad of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, Dr. Randy Houska:

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