Couples Therapy’s Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson are ready for babies

Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson

Couples Therapy‘s Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson are expecting… To have kids in the near future!

“We both have always wanted children,” Girls Gone Wild creator Joe told the latest edition of Us Weekly, adding he and Abbey agree the time is right.

Abbey, 25, said she’s preparing for pregnancy by reading baby books and watching her diet. (The latter point was a big issue on Couples Therapy, which showed the recovering anorexic struggling to overcome her fears of eating certain “off-limits” foods.) She told Us that she’s also spending a lot of time thinking about what types of parents she and Joe, 40, will be.

“Without a doubt I will be the disciplinarian,” Abbey said. “Joe will surely spoil them and give them everything they want!”

Abbey explained she and Joe have been inspired to start a family by watching their friends “evolve into such incredible and compassionate people as a result of having such wonderful children.” She added, “Experiencing the unconditional love that our friends have for their children has definitely strengthened our desire to have our own family.”

Joe Francis Kids

Abbey and Joe were recently photographed out with Mario Lopez and his children (above). They are also close with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, who regularly vacation at Joe’s Mexican resort. Based on his experiences around those kids, Joe said he believes he and Abbey will be “fun parents.”

Joe and Abbey began dating six years ago. They appeared on Couples Therapy last summer to address Joe’s controlling personality and Abbey’s tendency to be too submissive when she really should stand up for herself. They didn’t leave the house on good terms and have since bashed Dr. Jenn Berman.

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