MUG SHOT Cincinnati man arrested for 4th time publicly pleasuring himself with a teddy bear

Charles Marshall teddy bear masturbater

28-year-old Charles Marshall of Cincinnati, Ohio was arrested Wednesday for publicly pleasuring himself with the aid of his teddy bear. Employees of a health clinic witnessed Marshall in the act in an alleyway and called the authorities. The cops cited him for disorderly conduct.

The big problem here for Charles is that this is the 4th time in just 2 years that he has been caught out and about with his teddy bear doing indecent things!

The first incident was in a men’s bathroom at a library and the judge banned him from all County public libraries. Two more incidents followed in which he was cited for “masturbating with a stuffed animal” and “masturbating using a teddy bear in a public place where minors were likely to be present.”

I wonder how the teddy bear in question feels about all of this?

Source: The Smoking Gun