PHOTOS VIDEO Nabisco introduces the Triple Double Oreo

Picture of Nabisco's new Triple Double Oreo cookie

Begging the question of “how much is too much?” Nabisco has unveiled it’s latest incarnation of America’s favorite milk accessory in the form of the Triple Double Oreo, which combines two layers of creme (one chocolate and one original) with three layers of crunchy, chocolaty Oreo cookies.

“Our fans’ passion and enthusiasm has challenged us to raise our game. With the Triple Double Oreo cookie, we set out to take Oreo to another level by adding a new twist,” said Jessica Robinson, associate director of consumer engagement, Kraft Foods in a press release. “We are looking forward to engaging with Oreo fans as they share their twisting, licking and dunking moments with the new Triple Double Oreo cookie.”

Photo of the packaging for the new Nabisco Triple Double Oreo cookie

Although the concept of the Triple Double Oreo may seem like a no-brainer, the press release actually attributes the idea to a previous Oreo product from Argentina:

The new Triple Double Oreo cookie is another way in which OREO is creating fun new ways for people to enjoy the moment of childlike delight when twisting, licking and dunking an Oreo cookie in milk. This iconic ritual is enjoyed throughout the world, from the United States to France to China. In fact, the Triple Double Oreo cookie is a new twist on Argentina’s Oreo “x3” (pronounced “Por Tres”) cookie, introduced in 2010. Similar to the Triple Double Oreo cookie, the Oreo x3 features three layers of cookie, and two layers of creme.

This Big Mac of the cookie world contains 4.5 grams of fat and 100 calories and will be marketed in an ad campaign featuring… athletes?

How Nabisco's Triple Double Oreo cookie is made
^ How they make the Triple Double Oreo cookie

In a bit of marketing smoke and mirrors and creme, Nabisco’s campaign for the Triple Double Oreo will feature NBA veteran Shaquille O’Neal, Super Bowl champion quarterback Eli Manning, Olympic champion speed skater Apolo Ohno and tennis superstar Venus Williams. (You can see them in the background in the photo above.) Here they are talking about the new cookie saying the words twist, link, and dunk way too many times:

“Now that I am retired I can spend more time perfecting my twist, lick and dunk skills, and with an added layer of creme and a third cookie, it’s clear that I am going to need the practice,” said O’Neal. “I am obviously the dunking expert, but I am working with the rest of Team DSRL to figure out the best way to compete with the Triple Double Oreo cookie.”

Working with relatively unhealthy food products isn’t new ground for Shaq, who has had previous relationships with fast food chains Burger King and Taco Bell, but the OReo endorsement is quite the change of pace for Venus Williams, who is just coming off of her partnership with Jamba Juice’s “Team up for a healthy America” campaign.

Unhealthiness aside, I’ll be the first to confess that I am a red-blooded American and I am sure at some point in the next year or so I will have to indulge in one of these glorious mouth pleasers! Oh, and I’m sure the internet will have a field day with various over-the-top triple quadrugal dodecahedral constructions. Here’s my 0-calorie Photoshop version:

Tower constructed of many Triple Double Oreo cookies

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