Amber Portwood responds to crazy ‘drug ring’ rumors

Amber Portwood blind item drug ring tweets

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has made a concerted effort to maintain a positive attitude since being released from prison in November of 2013, but, occasionally, things happen that get her a bit riled up. Such was the case earlier today–when someone tweeted a report at her that alleged she and fiancé Matt Baier are involved in a drug ring!

The original tweet came from @Anon_Mafioso, which included this blind item with an answer supposedly from Amber and Matt:


This Teen Mom is caught up in something that will bring her crashing into a harsh reality.

A drug ring.

Not coke or anything like that but prescription pills, steroids and other illegal items.

She thinks she is in love so just goes along with it all.

Amber Portwood
Matthew Baier


Someone else retweeted the post, tagged Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood, and added, “Hey Shawn this is going around?? Not good.”

Shawn responded by writing, “this is dumb. Amber is not doing anything.”

At this point, probably because Shawn got involved, Amber saw the original tweet. As you might imagine, she was not happy:

Amber Portwood blind item drug ring tweets 1
Amber Portwood blind item drug ring tweets 2

Eventually, Amber cooled down:

Amber Portwood_blind item drug ring tweets 3

If you’re curious about the source of the blind item, it’s from a site called Crazy Days and Nights. However, I think the first site to claim that the item is about Amber and Matt is Blind Item Rehash (just scroll down to #117). The site points out that their “guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues,” and they’ve linked Amber and Matt’s names to our interview with Matt about his past drug issues. I guess that’s all they were going on to jump to their conclusion?

It seems that (once again) Shawn Portwood had the exact right take on this whole thing: “Just forget about it. It’s a dumb rumor that carries no weight.” Amber seems to be following that advice, and is even going so far as to AC-CEN-TUATE the positive!


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