Farrah Abraham making film debut in horror flick Axeman II: Overkill

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Farrahntrepreneur Abraham continues to expand her ever-growing resume, this time adding her first feature-length film! The 23-year-old reality star, sauce maven, human sex toy mold, singer, fortuitous sex tape victim and restaurateur will be appearing alongside former Baywatch star Angelica Bridges and fellow reality star (Big Brother, Amazing Race) Rachel Reilly in the horror slasher film sequel, Axeman II: Overkill.

Portraying a woman in a slasher film seems to contradict Farrah’s recent statement that she planned on “staying closer to roles that are Christian-based” in reference to her budding film career, but it seems that Farrah was actually sort of right. The movie’s director, Joston Theney, recently revealed that Farrah “had us cracking up as ‘Fannie Rae Baker’, a crazed evangelical Christian hellbent on beating the word of God into anyone who turns a deaf ear to it.” (I simply CANNOT imagine that Farrah playing someone named Fannie is purely coincidental, even if it is a play on Tammy Faye Bakker.)

Farrah Abraham also gave a recent interview about her new role and described the movie and Fannie this way:

It’s an 80’s style horror flick with lots of humor, gory kills and fun dialog. The character Fannie Ray Baker who I play is seemingly well-intended conservative evangelical do gooder hiking through a place called Cutler’s Creek for a couple’s Christian camp where the film takes place.

When asked how Farrah, who is not exactly known for over-the-top Christian evangelizing, was preparing for the role, she says “I will draw upon the overbearing beat the bible over your head mentality that others mention or think of when thinking ‘Über Bible Thumper’. Getting a little radical about the bible and taking the words farther than the way God intended.” She adds, “I’ve been around all sorts of Christianity growing up and this leads me to feeling content with researching and playing the role of Fannie perfectly.”

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Farrah also shared a little bit about her introduction to acting at an early age:

I got into acting when I took part in a play in grade school when I played the female main character role and my male main character supporting my part forgot his lines so I had to apply improv to help my fellow young actor smoothly complete the scene in the middle of the play. From there show choir helped me continue performing in front of audiences and many other acting, dancing, and singing activities I took part in. I continue to develop my acting abilities so that now I am ready to play characters that challenge my emotions.

When asked about actors that inspired her, Farrah listed “Jim Carrey, Shirley Temple, Jaime Presley, Farrah Fawcett, Sophia Loren, Sandra Bullock, and Angelina Jolie. Cameron Diaz.” She was also asked what her favorite movies are. “Silence of the Lambs, Saw 1, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, and The Breakup,” Farrah says, before also sharing her list of films she deplores: “The Hangover, Nebraska, others similar to the sort.”

Axeman II: Overkill is currently in pre-production with filming scheduled to start in October with a theatrical release planned for early 2015.

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Here’s the full description of the film from the press release:

On the heels of successful early results from the May 5th release of Axeman, filmmaker Joston “El Rey” Theney and co-writer/executive producer Dr. Christopher Otiko of Blood Red Films announce plans for the sequel, Axeman 2: Overkill.

Officially in pre-production as of Thursday, July 2nd, cameras roll in early October on location in Frazier Park, CA. The upcoming sequel stars former 3-time World Champion (WWE “Adam Bomb / WCW “Wrath”) Bryan Clark as the titular character, former Baywatch and The Bold and the Beautiful star Angelica Bridges, recent Big Brother reality contest winner Rachel Reilly, and Farrah Abraham in her feature film debut.

Axeman alum Arielle Brachfeld returns to the retro 80s-inspired slasher as plucky, reluctant hero Deputy Darlene Whitfield, as does Theney, who reprises his role as the affable, death-defying Darren Cole. Newcomers to the slasher series are Jacqui Holland (My Best Friend’s Girl), Alisha Seaton (The Fourth Kind), Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3), Monique Parent (Profane Exhibit), and Hannah Landberg (Rabid Love).

When asked for details on the sequel, writer/director Joston Theney replied, “Well, it’s certainly a darker, grittier film than the first. We learned a lot from our first go ‘round. There’s no CGI blood splatters. No short cuts in SFX. No deeply, intertwined love trysts. This is a bloodletting! This film WILL live up to it’s name – Overkill. Guaranteed.”

The sequel will see an initial theatrical release in early 2015.

Get ready for another vacation to dismember with Axeman 2: Overkill.

UPDATE – Click here for our exclusive interview with Rachel Reilly in which she candidly talks about being cast alongside Farrah in the movie!

And in case you wanted to prepare, be sure to check out the first Axeman movie! (Just click the link to order it from Amazon.) Here’s the original Axeman trailer, which has a couple of S-bombs, but is otherwise SFW-ish:

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