Best moments from Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham on The Soup Investigates

Farrah Abraham Joel McHale

On Wednesday night’s premiere episode of The Soup Investigates, Joel McHale’s team learned “how to cash in on teenage pregnancy with Farrah Abraham.” As the preview clip seemed to guarantee, the actual interview was filled with awkwardness.

“It used to be that if you were a young woman and wanted wealth and fame, you had to practice your craft, endure endless auditions and have one or more of your parents already in the entertainment industry,” Joel said in the intro. “Now there’s a more direct route to super-stardom. And, good news ladies, it goes straight through your birth canal.”

Reporter Sarah Tiana explained in the clip that teen moms around the country are learning “their baby makers can also be money makers.” Sarah then sat down with Farrah Abraham, who she said was the best example of a young woman turning her unplanned pregnancy into a career.

“You are a role model to million of teenage girls,” Sarah said to Farrah. “So, do you advise them to get pregnant at 17 or just dive in at 14 or 15?”

“I just feel like being real is the best thing I can do,” Farrah said, explaining how she’s parlayed her teenage pregnancy into books, product lines and “all sorts of stuff.”

Sarah Tiana and Farrah Abraham The Soup Investigates

Later in the conversation, Sarah asked Farrah how she manages to do it all…

“I think being a mom has helped me get it together,” Farrah said.

“Wait, where is your baby?,” Sarah asked as the discussion ended. (See a clip of the interview here.)

After speaking with Farrah, Sarah sat down with the owner of Reality Check. The California-based help center educates teens on the challenges of unplanned pregnancy. Unfortunately, there was a “miscommunication” as Sarah believed Reality Check was supposed to help pregnant teenagers get reality shows.

“We don’t live in a fantasy world, we live in a real world,” the owner clarified.

“But The Real World is my favorite reality show on MTV, so that’s also kind of like my back up plan,” Sarah said.

Sarah, who said she was concerned that places like Reality Check were keeping teens from cashing in on their best chances at reality television stardom, sat down with three high-school girls to “impregnate them with the truth.” As the three ambitious girls named off their role models, Sarah interrupted…

“I think you’re all forgetting the greatest role model, Farrah Abraham,” she said. She was met with blank and/or confused stares from the teens.

To conclude, Sarah said this “epidemic” of teen girls not getting pregnant needs to end — or else we’ll miss out on hundreds of hours of reality programming.

The whole package was really entertaining to watch… Mostly because of the (intentional) awkwardness. We’ll be sure to update as soon as it’s available. Also be sure to check out the second episode of The Soup Investigates when it airs on E! at 10:30/9:30c next Wednesday night!

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