McNugget rage caught on tape!

Who hasn’t driven through McDonald’s at 6:30 AM and been disappointed to hear the only food available is what’s on the breakfast menu?

McNugget lover Melodi Dushane of Toledo, Ohio certainly has, but instead of responding with a defeated “Aw shucks” Melodi decided to DO something about it! The 25-year-old called the 1-800 customer service number asked to speak to a manager blogged about it when she got home got out of her car, screamed at and punched the employees, and then proceeded to smash out the drive-through window to get her some darn McNuggets!

I’ll ramble on after the video from the New Year’s McTussle that Toledo police have just released because I know you want to see it like Melodi wanted some friggin’ McNuggets:

Man that is some serious McHate going on in that clip!  My most memorable Big Mac attack moment was kind of reversed in that I showed up at 10:32 AM looking for a tasty McGriddle but was told with a grin that they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30.  I remember being so angry that I drove home without ordering any food and complained to my wife about it.  LAME! I just don’t have a pair of brass McNuggets like Mel(Gibson)odi Dushane!

The mother of the passenger that was in Melodi’s car is claiming that the employees of McDonald’s escalated the situation and that it was primarily their fault.  I don’t think the cops saw it that way because Melody served two months in jail and a year’s probation. Apparently in America McNugget rage outweighs Lohan lousiness on the ol’ crime-meter.