Jenelle Evans accuses fiance Gary Head of cheating, felony larceny and vandalism

Jenelle Evans Gary Head Twitter feud

From all accounts of a recent Twitter blast-fest from Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, she is on the outs with fiance Gary Head. I know. I know. I know. Who didn’t see this one coming right? At least I had the above image on file for reuse 😉

Just yesterday Jenelle tweeted how much she loved Gary Head but my oh my how much things can change in the world of Jenelle in a 24-hour span. Are you ready because this one involves oral sex in a parking lot, stolen jewelry, a gun, a broken door, fellow Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and the police! Here it goes in a Twitter cap break down…

You gotta love how vindictive the back and forth was and then at the end it’s like everything is going to be cool again. Gary is gonna fix her door today and they both talked to the police about who should get the engagement ring. Actually that subject came up quite a bit among the Twitter followers. So I’ll ask you guys, if they break it off should Jenelle give the ring back? What’s the proper etiquette here?

-> I apologize if the Twitter caps were unclear. Gary simply made a comment about Chelsea’s hair and Jenelle apparently got a little heated about that which she explained was due to Gary’s past infidelities.