Oneal Morris

My Strange Addiction: Karmello had 54 blackmarket butt injections in 3 years

Last night TLC aired a two new episodes of their addicting show My Strange Addiction. The first episode introduced us to a woman who liked to lick her cat and eat its hair, and Mike a Trina, a couple who share an obsession with coffee enemas.

The second episode featured a man who was obsessed with inflatable pool toys, and Karmella, 23-year-old mom with a 4-year-old son who’s had over two liters of non-medical grade silicon injected (54 separate injection sessions) into her butt over the past three years.

Another day, another Florida back alley buttocks injection scandal

I hail from Florida and whilst doing this here line of work I often find myself asking, “What the hell is wrong with you Sunshine State!?!” I guess the legendary tail and tale of fake Dr. Oneal Morris wasn’t enough as we now have another back alley buttocks injection scandal in our midst, thanks to Calvin Edward Butler. Read on for a patient/victim’s first hand account of how the procedure worked and what the police have charged Butler with.

MUG SHOT Fix-A-Flat ‘doctor’ arrested for manslaughter

Back alley “doctor” Oneal Morris has been arrested again for her illegal injection practices. This time the charges are much more serious as a former victim, Shatarka Nuby, died back in March stemming from complications from said injections. See Morris’ latest full mug shot and get the details on her arrest including the official booking info.

PHOTO Alleged toxic tush doctor accomplice attacked on TV show

The greatest “badonkadon’t try this at home” story ever continued in dramatic fashion as the alleged accomplice of Oneal Ron Morris was attacked during a taping of a Spanish-language show yesterday. The man’s name is Corey Eubank and police believe he was the middle man for the bottom-bulging procedures that Morris would perform using a toxic mixture of items including Fix-a-Flat. He was on the show to defend his innocence but got attacked by an angry mom instead.

PHOTOS VIDEO Victim of fake Dr. Oneal Morris had face injected with toxic concoction

See some stunning photos of Rajee Narinesingh, the latest victim to come forward and admit she received injections from fake doctor Oneal Morris. Morris was arrested last week for practicing medicine without a license after it was revealed she had been injecting a toxic cocktail of cement, Fix-a-Flat, and mineral oil into people’s buttocks, chest, and face. Keep reading for the pictures (including some equally startling “before” photos) as well as a video interview in which Rajee explains why she went to Morris for the injections.

VIDEOS PHOTOS “Dr.” Oneal Morris arrested for injecting cement and Fix-a-Flat in people’s buttocks

In perhaps the greatest “Badonkadon’t try this at home” story ever, Miami Gardens Police arrested Oneal Morris Friday after he reportedly injected a combination of cement, Fix-a-Flat, and mineral oil into a patient’s rear before sealing up the incisions with Super Glue. Police were made aware of the situation when the patient in question had to be hospitalized for a “serious medical condition as a result of the injections.” See the amazing booking photos of the transgendered Oneal Morris, who has obviously been injecting himself with the same concoction!