McKayla Adkins not filming for Unexpected Season 4, reminds us Tim is her step-grandpa

McKayla Adkins not returning for Unexpected Season 4

Unexpected OG McKayla Adkins is the only mom to be featured on all three seasons of TLC’s extremely popular teen pregnancy reality series. Unfortunately for those who want to continue following her story on screen, the third season looks like it was her last.

McKayla just did an Instagram Live Q&A with fans in which she tackled numerous questions, including whether or not she would be back for another season. “I definitely don’t think I am,” she said. “Nobody contacted me or anything, which I’m fine with,” she continued. “But yeah, I haven’t heard anything, so any questions you have about Unexpected — could not tell you a thing.”

That’s clearly not 100% confirmation that McKayla won’t be back, but I would put it close to 97%ish given how long it has been since Season 3 wrapped.

So far, the only mom who is somewhat confirmed to be filming for the new season is Hailey Tomlinson (aka Hailey 1). Surprisingly, there will reportedly only be one Hailey returning. Hailey Tilford (aka Hailey 2) is currently pregnant with Hailey 1’s ex Matthew Blevins’ second child, but she insists that she has turned down multiple offers from producers and will not be on Season 4. Hailey 2 and Matthew have both stated before that they would not be returning, but their defiant proclamations seems to change every other day so numerous fans (like myself) assumed they would eventually change their mind.

I’m not really sure how producers plan to tell a full story with Hailey 1 but without Hailey 2, and her very predictable split(s) from Matthew). However, one of the biggest reasons for the show’s success is the story telling, so I remain cautiously optimistic.

In addition to the great story telling (which includes interview sessions with the young dads and the grandparents), another thing that has distinguished Unexpected from MTV’s Teen Mom franchise is the show’s willingness to turn over the cast each season — adding some and keeping some each time. With that in mind, it would seem obvious that three-timer McKayla had a good chance of not being brought back for a fourth season. However, she and her children’s father Caelan Morrison seem to be a never-ending fountain of over-the-top drama, and that has continued over the past couple weeks.


In case you missed it, McKayla and Caelan had yet another epic split on January 29, which happened to be their daughter Gracelynn’s first birthday. McKayla would end up taking the kids from their apartment and going back across the street to her grandfather Tim’s house.

Tim and Caelan reportedly got into a heated argument later, but this time things apparently did not escalate between the two to the point of a physical altercation like it did roughly a year ago. Things also didn’t escalate to the point of an arrest, like when Tim got arrested for allegedly choking McKayla’s brother Dylan in 2018.

Even though there was no arrest, Caelan did involve the police in regards to his most recent spat with Tim. According to police records, Caelan paid a visit to the local police department on February 3 to file a report. “The complainant advised that his ex-girlfriend’s grandfather came into his apartment with her and started causing problems,” reads the police summary. “He advised that her grandfather started yelling at him, got in his face and confronted him about ongoing issues in a threatening manner.”

Caelan informed the officer that the two had a history, including a previous assault report, and that he wanted to make sure that the recent incident was documented.

Speaking of Tim, just prior to revealing she wouldn’t be back for another season of Unexpected, McKayla reminded her fans that Tim isn’t actually her biological grandfather. The subject came up after someone commented that she looks like Tim. “I’ve been told that a few times. I personally don’t see it at all,” McKayla said of the resemblance. “I think he looks completely different from me.”

She then adds: “He’s not my biological grandpa, but he’s my grandpa.”

I believe this has been mentioned very briefly on the show, but it’s not something that a lot of fans know. McKayla’s grandmother Cynthia was married at least twice before Tim. The second of those divorces was in 1995 and involved a man with the same last name as McKayla’s mom Shannon. The first divorce I could find record of was 16 years prior, so I assume the man Cynthia divorced in 1995 is McKayla’s biological grandpa.

In addition to her Instagram live session, McKayla also shared a couple of YouTube videos recently, including one with Grandpa Tim in which they recap the recent incident with Caelan and his Instagram Live session talking about it. Here are McKayla’s two most recent videos:

Despite Unexpected‘s history of cast turnover, I have to confess that it just won’t seem the same with McKayla and Caelan (and Cynthia, Tim, and Shelly). To wrap up this post, I though I might share a couple of my favorite McKayla Starcasm images from the past few years. First is little Timmy reading the newspaper while prepping pumpkins for his sister’s gender reveal. Second is a montage of McKayla’s wig phase:

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins son Timmy reading a newspaper

Unexpected McKayla Adkins wigs

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