UNEXPECTED McKayla’s grandpa Tim arrested for domestic violence after allegedly choking grandson in 2018

Unexpected McKayla Adkins grandfather Tim arrested for domestic violence in 2018

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins’ grandfather Tim and grandmother Cindy certainly have their hands full dealing with all of the drama between McKayla, her ex Caelan, McKayla’s mom Shannon, and Caelan’s mom Shelly. But, McKayla isn’t the only grandchild causing difficulties for the couple, as evidenced by the fact that Tim was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly choking McKayla’s teenage brother last year!

According to police records, officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at Tim and Cindy’s home just after 9PM on July 30, 2018. After arriving on the scene, police determined that Tim (58) and his grandson (15) got into a verbal altercation over his grandson allegedly playing music too loudly.


Tim then allegedly “grabbed the juvenile by the neck, causing visible injury.” Tim was arrested and charged with domestic violence. He was transported to the Salem Police Department for processing, and later transported to the Columbiana County Jail where he was booked into custody.

Court records indicate that Tim was later found guilty of the lesser charge of disturbing the peace and he opted for community service in lieu of fines and court costs.

The alleged choking incident isn’t the only police report on file involving Tim, Cindy, and their grandson. In November of 2017, Cindy contacted police to report her grandson missing. “Officers checked with some of his friends and [were] able to locate the male juvenile and returned him to his grandmother.”

We reached out to McKayla’s mom Shannon Duko, and she was kind enough to speak with us and provide a little context for for the incident between Tim and her son. Shannon explains that her son can be difficult at times because he is ADHD and has had some anger issues. “My father has done his very best at helping him, but he is very mouthy and says really awful things,” Shannon reveals.

So what happened on the day of Tim’s arrest? “My son was very angry and he filed a police report, but then he later went to court with my father and told the judge that it was his fault, he was in the wrong, and that he was sorry for allowing it to go this far.”

“They did have an argument, and obviously things could have been handled differently,” Shannon admits. “But as far as my dad goes, he is a really great man who tries very hard to give nothing but love and support to everyone in the family.”

Shannon adds that her son’s living arrangements have changed, and things are much better between him and his grandfather. “My son moved in with me in January of last year to try and ease some of the tension in the house, and I did my best getting him help and getting him the medications that he needed. He is doing better now. Him and my dad have been getting along very well.”

Meanwhile, Tim and McKayla’s ex Caelan DO NOT appear to be getting along very well — at least not on screen this season. The tension between Caelan and McKayla has continued to escalate, with their two young children getting caught in the middle. Numerous fans have advised Caelan to get a legal custody arrangement, and Caelan’s mom Shelly hinted on Twitter last week that there may be an intervention from the courts soon:

I checked online court records, but I couldn’t find a custody filing involving Caelan and/or McKayla. I’m unsure of the laws in Ohio, however, and it may be that cases involving children are not available to the public. I will continue to look into it and will update if I find anything significant.

Until then, be sure to continue watching the on-screen drama unfold with new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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