UNEXPECTED McKayla & Caelan break up on daughter Gracelynn’s 1st birthday FULL RECAP

Unexpected McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison break up again on daughter Gracelynn's first birthday

The daughter of Unexpected couple McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison had her first birthday on Wednesday and the recently reunited parents celebrated Gracelynn’s big day by breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again, and then recording separate Instagram live sessions hurling accusations and blame at one another.

In addition to Caelan and McKayla’s live sessions, McKayla’s brother Dylan used his sister’s Instagram account to record a live session that features his altercation with Caelan and his family.

As you can imagine, there is A LOT of video footage and numerous other posts to sift through. I am going to try my best to piece together a narrative of pretty much everything that happened.

It appears that the difficulties all started when McKayla and Caelan got into an argument about their pending court case regarding custody of their children. If you’re curious why there is an active court case regarding custody when the two are/were back together, Caelan and McKayla were working together to insure that Caelan had legal rights as a father in case [i.e. when] the two of them split up again.

In order to gain any custodial rights, Caelan must take a DNA test to prove that he is the father of Timmy and Gracelynn. The fight between the two on Wednesday started over who would pay for the test, which reportedly costs $480.

Given that the DNA test is part of a process that aims to benefit Caelan, I don’t think it’s biased to assume that he would be responsible for the cost of the test. However, he reveals that he has been unemployed up until very recently. “I’m laid off right now,” Caelan said in one of his live streams. “I just got a new job working for the railroad. It’s cool. I was about to get money and McKayla said she would pay for it ahead of time because it was four hundred and some dollars.”


McKayla apparently had a change of heart about footing the bill for the DNA test. In her live stream, McKayla was talking about the expense when Timmy hit Gracelynn with a broom. McKayla paused for a moment to explain what happened, then took her daughter into another room as she continued:

We are going to court right now and he was supposed to do testing for the kids, like paternity testing, so the courts know that the kids are his, and he asked me for money for it. I said “No” because it’s $480 that I don’t have because I have been paying all the bills. He has not had a job. He has not had money to pay any bills. Maybe the only bill he’s paid a few times is our rent-to-own bill for our bed set and dressers. That’s it. I’ve paid for everything else, and if he says different it’s a lie. But, like I said, you can believe whatever you want. So, I have been paying for everything. I paid for the down payment. I paid the first month’s rent. I paid for every month’s rent. I paid all of our electric, and gas, and wi-fi bills, our couch bill. So, yeah, because I’m the only one working.

McKayla didn’t mention anything about Caelan’s new job with the railroad, at least not in the videos that I saw.

Caelan responded to McKayla’s claim that she didn’t have the money by calling her out on some of her other expenditures. “You spend more than that on medical marijuana,” Caelan said. “You spend more than that on tattoos. You spend more than that on hair stuff. This is about doing what’s right in case we ever break up again.”

McKayla has admitted on YouTube that the medical marijuana she buys is “quite expensive,” but she claims that she has to buy more than she herself needs thanks to Caelan and his pals. “Whenever he said we spend more than that on medical marijuana, yeah, we do spend a lot on medical marijuana,” McKayla admitted. “That’s because he always begs me to buy more because he lets his friends come over and smoke it. So, it’s like all gone. So yeah, that’s why we pay more for that than we should.”

[Assuming that Caelan doesn’t have a medical marijuana prescription, it appears as though McKayla just publicly stated that he committed a crime? UPDATE – McKayla clarified that for us. “I never allowed Caelan to smoke my medical marijuana,” she tells us. “I had to stop buying it bc he would take it and smoke it without asking me, and he also allowed his friends to smoke it without asking me. He’s no longer on my card bc of these things. I never committed a crime and I said clearly in my live that he made me buy more and he smoked it without my consent.”]

The DNA test expense may have been the spark that ignited the couple’s most recent meltdown, but it sounds like the pre-existing issues that have plagued the two for years were still burning. Caelan revealed that they have been seeing a couple’s counselor about their issues, but it doesn’t seem like the sessions were working for McKayla.

“I haven’t been happy for a while,” McKayla stated in her stream. “I made that clear to him. I told him that. He basically just told me he changed to prove to me that he didn’t change. [This sentence seems a bit confusing, but I listened to it multiple times and I’m fairly certain that’s exactly what McKayla said.] Once I found that out I just decided that I wasn’t happy.”

McKayla explained that she can’t control how she feels, and then revealed that she and Caelan actually split up, got back together, and then split up again on Wednesday. “I told him that I wasn’t happy and that, just, you know, explaining all that to him, and we, like, broke up for a few hours. And then he convinced me to get back together with him, so I did. And we were OK for a little bit.”

As Unexpected fans are well aware, drama between McKayla and Caelan rarely stays just between McKayla and Caelan. The house that Caelan and McKayla were living in is across the street from McKayla’s grandparents’ house, and Caelan stated in his stream that McKayla’s grandfather Tim came over at one point demanding that Caelan leave. Tim’s angry confrontations have resulted in at least one arrest before, but this time it appears that the police were not involved — yet.

After Grandpa Tim came over, McKayla’s brother Dylan paid Caelan (and his family) a visit while streaming the whole thing on McKayla’s Instagram account. His stream was a lot of back-and-forth with Caelan’s family, who were explaining why all of the troubles were McKayla’s fault. Dylan basically replied with various forms of “Nuh uh!”

In Dylan’s stream you can clearly hear Caelan’s mother Shelly talking in the background as she and Caelan piled on McKayla — including claims that she recently told Caelan she wanted to marry him and that she wanted nothing to do with her grandparents any more.

Later, in Caelan’s stream after Dylan left, Shelly can be heard bringing up an alleged traumatic experience from McKayla’s childhood, including the name of the person she says was responsible for it. “You guys can’t say that because they don’t know exactly what happened,” Caelan replied. Shelly responded in her defense: “Well, somebody did and made her like she is.”

At some point, Caelan accessed McKayla’s Instagram account and took screen caps of alleged flirty DMs between her and another guy(s) that were exchanged very soon after their split. [UPDATE – Excerpts from those alleged DMs included at the bottom of this post.]

During Caelan’s live stream, he was encouraged by numerous viewers to call the police to document what had happened and have it on record. Dylan later posted a photo taken from a second-story window of his grandfather’s house that showed two police vehicles parked on the street. “So done with this sh*t,” Dylan captioned the image.

Caelan also showed the two police vehicles, albeit from the other side of the street, during his live stream:

Unexpected McKayla Adkins Caelan Morrison police vehicles

UPDATE – A recap of the incident from the local police log:

A man in the *** block of **** ******* Street reported a custody dispute between him and the childrens’ mother at 4:31 p.m. Wednesday. The mother and children were inside a nearby residence with family. Officers made contact and both parties were told their options and to contact legal counsel. The children both appeared ok.

Dylan shared an all-caps message for Caelan in his Instagram story in which he adapted his best thug accent:


Earlier today, after the dust settled a bit, Caelan posted a video on YouTube apologizing for airing everything out on social media. Well, apologizing and not apologizing. Here’s what Caelan says at the beginning of the clip:

Hey everybody. I just kind of wanted to really apologize for everything that kind of happened. Like, I know I shouldn’t be apologizing, but, like, really I shouldn’t have went live. Like, I felt that that was really the right thing to do at the time.

I don’t sincerely regret doing it because I was so upset and, like, emotions and feelings can get the best of you sometimes and, like, sometimes you say things you don’t mean. But, like, I shouldn’t have said personal things about our life online.

Later, Caelan shared some additional “personal things about [their] life” in the video as he expressed his frustration with McKayla. Here’s an excerpt with most of the likes removed:

I am NOT gaslighting her up. I’m not making her feel crazy. If that was the case, all these years that you have left me and came back, left me and came back, left me and came back, left me and came back, and all the rash decisions that you have made when we weren’t together — how am I the one who is making you crazy? Why would you come back to me? Why would you come to me and tell me that you don’t know what you were doing, you don’t know why you would go do this or that, you’re sorry, you love me, you truly do? I don’t understand it, and it’s really just hard for me to keep going through this. I do it because I love her. I just really don’t know if that’s what I can do anymore because it’s just tearing me apart.

Caelan revealed in the YouTube video that McKayla returned to their house Thursday morning to pick up some items, and she was accompanied by a police officer. He says that she “grabbed random sh*t” for herself. “She didn’t even grab sh* for the kids, I don’t think. I just saw her grab clothes and makeup,” Caelan claimed.

He also revealed that he is still deciding whether or not to remain in the house. “I don’t know if I should leave or not. I know I shouldn’t leave — my name’s on the lease here. My lawyer says I shouldn’t too.” Caelan concluded his video by stating that what he really wants to do is help McKayla and make her happy:

She has all these people caring for her, but I just want them to really care for her, like genuinely care for and help her. All I want is their happiness in general. I don’t care if it’s with me or with anybody else. I want her happiness. I just want her to be happy, and that’s all I’ve wanted from the start, ever since I met her. I just wanted her to be happy, and making her happy made me happy.

Here’s Caelan’s full apology video:

McKayla stated in her live stream that she did not want to talk any further about her break up on social media, and so far she has backed up that sentiment by not posting anything more. However, I am guessing that we will have a YouTube video by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned.

UPDATE – I tracked down some screen caps of the DMs Caelan posted that look to be between McKayla and two different guys. I’ve compiled everything I was able to pice together, but some parts of the messages were cut off by Caelan’s inset video during the stream:

MCKAYLA: Hey I know it probably doesn’t matter to you now but [cut off] say I’m sorry for how I [cut off] you. It was embarrassing [cut off] think about you so I [wanted to say?] I’m sorry.

GUY 1: That’s funny.. a few hours ago [I saw] you liked my picture so I clicked on your profile, saw you had a boyfriend now. Now you message me a few hours later, I look at your profile, and no boyfriend ?

GUY 1: I appreciate that thou. It really wasn’t that big of a deal to be sorry about thou, it was just one quick innocent date. But hey if you wanna talk about it some more we can, I wouldn’t mind having your name in my phone again. 🙂 . But I’ve been on a fi the woods for the past 8 days service is spotty. Shoot me a sometime if your down. Shou back to civilization Thursday.

MCKAYLA: I mean I feel kinda stupid [cut off] we’ve been kinda broken up for a few weeks but didn’t officially end it till today but still super embarrassing lmao

GUY 1: Don’t be I totally understand haha. I’m actually glad you messaged me!

MCKAYLA: Well I’ll text you soon, im trying to get this bright ass purple out of my hair.. I hope you’re doing good.. talk more soon 🙂

GUY 1: Bright ass purple? you went through a mid life crisis didn’t you.

GUY 1: And sounds good. [posts his phone number]

* * * * * * * * * *

GUY 2: how’s your day goin besides the hair dyin ? aha

MCKAYLA: I had kids young and [cut off] YouTube video and it [cut off] that’s my job! And it’s [cut off] you?

GUY 2: wow that’s honestly awesome! how old are your little ones? and I honestly love kiddos, my niece and nephew are my entire WORLD

GUY 2: and mine’s goin alright. just can’t wait to be off work so I can go home and start moving into my new houseee

GUY 2: [cut off] work on music for the evening

GUY 2: what are your plans for the rest of the day? gettin into anything fun?

MCKAYLA: My son is 2 and my daughter is 1! And I’m just gonna go to my friends later and chill

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