Matt Baier skipping Teen Mom Reunion for surgery: Is it a vasectomy? Did he and Amber break up?

Matt Baier Operation game

The cast of Teen Mom OG will be reuniting in New York City this weekend to tape a reunion special, but the show’s most controversial star will not be in attendance. No, I’m not talking about Farrah Abraham. She’s expected to be there–although not on the stage with her co-stars after last year’s scuffle. I’m talking about Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier, who has confirmed he will not be in attendance because he is “having surgery.”

The confirmation comes via The Dirty, which uses what Matt refers to in his upcoming book as “scare quotes” to deliver the news:

Baier confirmed he’s not attending because he’s “having surgery.”

“It has nothing to do with a break up,” Matt adds, “and any story saying such right now is complete BS.”

What Matt is referring to are rumors that started swirling after Amber tweeted what some interpreted as an indication that she and Matt had broken up. Here is Amber’s tweet, as well as LOTS of responses openly wondering if she and Matt had split. I have highlighted all of the responses saddened by the prospect of Amber and Matt calling it quits:

Amber Portwood breaks up with Matt Baier? Read the tweet!

Matt does not clarify what kind of surgery he is having, though some (i.e. me) are speculating that it may be a vasectomy mandated by Amber Portwood — or perhaps by some sort of World Overpopulation organization. Given all of the recent cheating allegations (with more reportedly coming soon), it seems like the kind of last ditch relationship-saving effort Matt would offer.

(It should be noted that Matt tweeted “My cancer hurts” back in 2014, though it is unknown just how serious he was about that.)

Some more guesses as to the reason Matt is getting surgery include:

• Repairing a broken bone or other serious injury sustained while rough housing with his guy friends

• Amber is actually having Matt surgically removed from her life

• A real deal, legitimate medical issue

• There is no surgery, but Matt found a website that will print out receipts saying he did have some sort of serious procedure performed to fool Amber and us (See: Fake lie detector test results)

• There is no surgery. Amber is just smart enough to know that if Matt attends the Teen Mom OG Reunion, he is all anyone will want to talk about — and not in a good way

• Matt is getting a penis implant in preparation for the Vivid adult video that was never going to happen

Stay tuned — I am sure we will know more soon. I just hope we don’t have to wait until the reunion airs to find out. 🙁

* Let me say that we would rarely ever make light of something like someone having surgery, but Matt Baier’s unrivaled track record of mistruths, smokescreens, and obfuscations make it nearly impossible to take anything he says seriously. Oh, and I would SOOOO buy that Matt Baier Operation game!

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