Porsha Williams’ Flatline music video plus live performance at El Morocco Nightclub in NYC

Porsha Williams Flatline music video

In case you missed it, when The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Williams isn’t dealing with Kordell drama or assaulting Kenya Moore, she’s trying to follow in her former cast mate Kim Zolciak’s Louboutin steps by pursuing a career in music. The 32-year-old reality star released her single “Flatline” last month, and today she released the official music video on VEVO, which co-stars actor Cordell Moore as the Kordell Stewart character. (I bet that audition didn’t last long. “Name?” “Cordell.” “No, what’s your name.” “Cordell. Cordell Moore.” [pause] “You’re hired.”)

Here’s the video:

Obviously a retelling of her relationship with ex-husband Kordell Stewart, the video features some aggressive, and borderline violent scenes between Cordell and Porsha, which jibes with Porsha’s recent claims that Kordell abused her. (Kordell later dismissed those claims as untrue.)

Here’s a screen cap of one of the violent scenes, which is of course upstaged by Louis Vuitton:

Porsha Stewart assault Flatline video

But, everybody knows you can’t have a Real Housewives single without a live performance at a small club with synchronized male dancers! Porsha knows the rules and she appeared at El Morocco Nightclub in New York City Saturday night to perform “Flatline” with the assistance of four male dancers wearing not-very-tight black leather pants:

Porsha Williams singing Flatline live in NYC

Porsha Stewart performing live Flatline with male dancers at El Morrocco club in New york City

Here’s a video of the performance, which also includes a bit of twerking to “Pop That” towards the end:

And just in case the live video wasn’t enough, here’s a clip of Porsha posing on the red carpet at the event:

Porsha thanked her fans for all the support and hinted at a potential tour when she posted a brief video clip of her performance on instagram and wrote, “Thank you #NYC a sold out show #Flatline s/o #lovejonesnyc #Flatlineperformance #comingtoacitynearyou #elmorocco”

So would you turn out to see Porsha perform?

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