Married at First Sight’s Jamie Otis opens up about chemical pregnancy

32-year-old Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis shared her heartbreaking journey with a chemical pregnancy on social media this weekend.

Chemical pregnancies are extremely early miscarriages that occur before a fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall. They account for between 50 to 75 according to Healthline.

Jamie, who found lasting love with her Married at First Sight match Doug Hehner, excitedly shared a positive pregnancy test on Instagram just a few days ago. She was excited about expanding their family and giving a sibling to their one-year-old daughter Henley Grace.

Unfortunately, Jamie soon experienced symptoms like “contraction-like pains and spotting.” She shared the story on Instgram:

“Sorry I’ve been MIA, this very bizarre positive pregnancy test then negative test then faint positive lines gave me hope that Gracie was going to become a big sis in 9 months, but the night before last I began having terrible contraction-like pains & spotting. Then over the night full blown everything – if you know what i mean.?

I’m a nurse so I had my suspicions; but my midwife confirmed I had a chemical pregnancy.

I don’t know why some people have it seemingly SO easy to get preggers & carry their babies to term and others struggle???‍♀️ What i do know is that i am so, so thankful for this little girl [and her daddy] right here. It’s like she knew mommy was in so much pain bc she just wanted to be held and snuggled all night long.?????”

Even though their family is going through a rough time, they still have plans to try again. “I am on a mission to make Gracie a big sis now,” Jamie said, explaining that they’ll have to wait at least a month before trying again.

Jamie and Doug married in 2014. This isn’t the first time they’ve experienced a loss. In 2016 they revealed they lost a boy named Johnathan Edward.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor