VIDEO PHOTOS Katy Perry without makeup in Part of Me “Dreamer” movie preview clip

Katy Perry without makeup in movie Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

Katy Perry is coming to a big screen near you on July 5 when her film Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D premieres nationwide. The movie is billed as a “backstage pass, front row seat and intimate look” at Katy Perry with tons of footage from her “California Dreams” tour in 2011. As part of the “intimate look” moviegoers will get to see a lot of behind-the-scenes footage of “normal” Katy, which means without an elaborate costume or designer gown, and without makeup.

“What you see in the movie is all the mechanics of the operation,” Perry said in a recent interview with MTV News (included below). “And there’s a lot of me bloated, with zits, fat, not shaded, not carved, not snatched, just normal.”

Katy Perry no makeup photo

In this preview clip titled “Dreamer” (from which all the photos in this post are taken) we can a see a bit of what Katy is referring to, although I’m not really seeing “bloated, with zits, fat, not shaded, not carved” – more just cute Katy au naturale:

“It’s the most intimate I’ve ever been,” Katy says in the MTV News interview. “I mean that in a non-sexual way … I mean it in a vulnerable way. And so I’m not scared of it because I think it’s important for me, and important these days, for people to not think people in my position are perfect and that if they want to achieve this type of dream or achieve a goal that they have to be flawless, they don’t.”

Katy Perry with no makeup in film Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

Here’s the full MTV News interview with Katy Perry about Part of Me 3D recorded at Pepsi Fleet Week last week:

And what’s a Katy Perry video clip post without an animated gif?!?

Katy Perry animated gif with no makeup and spinning candy boobs

Woop! Woop! I been hyp-no-tized!

We’ll finish up with a few more screen cap photos of Katy Perry sans makeup…

Photo of Katy Perry without any makeup from Part of Me movie

Katy Perry working out without any makeup

A makeupless Katy Perry tries on a wig from Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D movie