SPOILERS Are the couples from Married at First Sight’s second season still together?


The first season of Married At First Sight had a pretty good success rate as two out of the three couples are still married. Now that the second season is underway, the big question is whether the three new couples will be as successful as the first season’s Cortney Hendrix, Jason Carrion, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner.

A&E — which largely took over the show from daughter network FYI — has certain rules in place to obscure the end results of the show. For example, even if a husband and wife decided to split at the end of the experiment, they must wear their rings and may not file for divorce until the show airs. Still, I think we an intuit a few potential Married at First Sight spoilers from their social media behaviors…

Are Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar still married?

Davina Kullar Married At First Sight Wedding

From the very beginning, Sean and Davina were attracted to each other and bonded over their medical industry careers. They passionately kissed multiple times throughout the wedding reception and both seemed really pleased with the match.

As for whether things worked out after that point, I have my doubts. For one, it looks like Davina broke the rules by going without her wedding ring during a ski trip with friends earlier this month. Also, Sean wasn’t in sight in a video she posted from the car trip up to Vermont for the weekend.

Married at First Sight Spoilers is Davina Married

However, since then, she’s gone back to wearing her ring — at least for a dinner date with one of her friends.

Davina Kullar Married Still Wearing Ring?

Other positive signs that Davina and Sean stayed together include her responses on Facebook to positive posts about their relationship and a picture Sean posted from his recent dinner with the other husbands (and season 1’s Jason) where he’s proudly showing off his wedding ring. (All of the guys are wearing their rings, but Sean’s flaunting his the most of the new husbands.) If someone is getting divorced and simply obligated to wear a ring, would they really show it off like that?

Married at First Sight Season 2 Spoilers

Are Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone still married?

Although Ryan was pleased by the sight of his bride, Jaclyn wasn’t a happy camper on her wedding day, explaining “the initial physical attraction really isn’t there.” They also couldn’t agree on where to live and Jaclyn said she couldn’t stand Ryan’s Long Island accent. However, it seems their case is very similar to Jamie and Doug’s from season 1 — at least based on how comfortable they looked in later pictures.

Jaclyn and Ryan R Married At First Sight

Jaclyn also suggested she was the victim of some bad editing from the wedding episode. And, indeed, another video from the big day shows her and Ryan joking around and seeming to have a good time.

“The reception was a blast. It was the first time he and I actually got to talk to each other,” Jaclyn said in the clip. “Instantly we had a connection. Got along great, had a lot in common…”

On Facebook, Jaclyn also sounds like a woman in love. Responding to people, she excitedly explained her wedding date was 12/13/14 and said she wishes she could “spill the beans” on the outcome. Her best friend even chimed in to say how much she loved some sweet clips from the wedding.

What’s more, Ryan still seems smitten by his spouse: He’s replied to others who said Jaclyn was being rude by suggesting they watch to see how it all unfolds. He also posted a group picture of their families and said “Simply Beautiful, We are all family.” Again, would people who ultimately decided to divorce be that enthusiastic about joining their families?

Are Jessica Castro and Ryan de Nino still married?

Jessica Castro and Ryan de Nino

Just like Davina and Sean, Jessica and Ryan seemed to be very attracted to each other from the beginning. They also have similar experiences in the entertainment industry and family backgrounds.

“From when they opened the door and I first saw him, I saw his beautiful smile and I’m like, ‘All right, this is good,'” Jessica told Time Warner Cable News 1.

Neither Jessica nor Ryan are responding to many people on Facebook, so it’s hard to get as good of a read on the status of their relationship. However, in the new TV interview Jessica did, there didn’t seem to be many signs she was sharing the apartment with a guy… No pictures on the wall, not much food in the refrigerator, etc. Then again, that’s obviously reaching.

To really find out which Married At First Sight couples stay together, tune into the show on A&E on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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