Mackenzie McKee offers one-on-one online personal training sessions

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Fresh from her second NPC fitness competition, former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is looking to share her wealth of fitness knowledge and enthusiasm by becoming an online personal trainer to twenty clients on a month-to-month basis. Keep reading for all the details!

“I am so excited to be starting this online personal training program and helping YOU live a fit and healthy life,” Mackenzie announced on her fitness blog. Mackenzie says that her clients will have one-on-one access to her via Skype and/or Facetime and she will be providing “daily meal plans, at-home workouts, and lots of enthusiasm and inspiration.”

Mackenzie McKee strong arm

Here are the specifics of what you will get:

• Messaging between you and me with any questions you may have MOND-FRIDAY 8:00 11:00 PM. You will be receiving your daily meal and workout plans through messages by me.

• An evening workout using a different body part every day. 15 to 30 minutes is what it will take to complete this workout.

• Weekly meal plans customized for you.

• Daily hour long cardio, fat burning workout video by me every morning.

• Weekly Skype or FaceTime sessions with ME to talk about this weeks goals and plans. Let ME inspire YOU!!!!

• You being shared on my social media site with your met goals with your approval only. At the end of every month I will be sharing all 20 of my clients on all my social media accounts for I will be happy and proud to share your improvement !!!

• Weekly motivational videos from me to you personally and please except to grow a personal relationship with me 🙂


Mackenzie emphasizes that each and every client will get a one-of-a-kind personalized training program. “This will not be a program where I copy and paste and send out a mass email,” she says. “This will be individualized and created just for you. Every body comes in different shapes and sizes and every body reacts to things differently. This will be a lot of one-on-one personal working together.”

The plan costs $100 a month and will be limited to two clients at a time. To apply, visit THIS LINK for more info.

Unfortunately, the first deadline of December 1 has already passed, but, as Mackenzie points out, “If you do not get your spot this month, don’t worry because I will be doing this every month.”

The always-positive and enthusiastic Mackenzie took to Twitter to share her excitement about getting to know her new trainees:


And just in case you needed some documentaion, Mackenzie’s got that too! Here’s her trainer certification from FiTour:

Mackenzie McKee personal trainer certificate from FiTOUR

Congratulations to Mackenzie. We wish her all the best in turning something so positive into a practical business endeavor. Perhaps this could inspire a brand new workout-themed spin-off show on MTV titled Lean Mom. 😉

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