Maci Bookout’s ex, Kyle King, is engaged and expecting his first child

Maci and Kyle



Remember Kyle King? Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend who we met during season two of Teen Mom? Kyle seemed to be everything Ryan wasn’t: engaged, caring, and willing to make Maci and Bentley a priority. Even though they were able to navigate a long distance relationship and eventually move in together, in the long run, Maci and Kyle parted ways.

Since then, we know Maci has moved on with Taylor McKinney and the two have started a family of their own. But what’s Kyle been up to since his days on Teen Mom?

For starters, he definitely looks different from when we saw him last. It’s safe to say that Kyle has turned into a health and fitness fanatic who enjoys posting sculpted selfies of his ripped abs.


Kyle Gym



He’s also in a long-term relationship with girlfriend and blonde beauty Kendall Withrow. Kendall is a competitive dancer who works full-time as a children’s dance instructor at Rockstar Academy of Dance in Nashville.

And a fun fact about Kendall: She has a twin sister named Jarren who is an assistant director at the same dance studio. The family that dances together, stays together…


Kendall and Jarren



In a weird twist of events, it turns out Kendall is friends with (or at least is an acquaintance with) Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee. Mackenzie posted this picture to Instagram a couple of years ago with the caption, “Cutest twins ever;) but uhh I’m pretty sure I’m their triplet”


Twins with Mac



Kyle and Kendall have been dating for well over two years and seem to be smitten with each other. It’s evident they share a zeal for life and thrive on living a healthy, active lifestyle.






However, it wouldn’t be accurate to call them simply boyfriend and girlfriend. Kyle decided to put a ring on it–he shared, “glad said yes” just a few days ago.


E Ring



Kyle got down on one knee over a candlelit dinner and asked Kendall to be his bride. This picture captured the big moment for the happy couple.


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In addition to taking the big plunge toward marital bliss, the couple is also preparing for another major life event: the birth of their first baby! Kyle shared the news this weekend when he proudly announced, “i’m having a boy !!”


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What kind of job does Kyle have in order to afford all that bling? About a year ago, he posted an advertisement for King Heating & Air, his family’s business. The company is small and doesn’t have a website. We think Kyle is heavily involved in running and managing the business but aren’t sure of the specifics.



Congrats to Kyle and Kendall on their engagement and baby boy!      




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