Love During Lockup’s Max is a model & male escort with a master’s degree in biochemistry

Love During Lockup Max is a model and male escort

Love During Lockup, WE tvs new addition to their popular Love After Lockup franchise, is all set to premiere in January. We previously posted the first preview trailer for the new show, and now we can share details on one of the cast members!

In the preview trailer we see a rather muscular young man talking via speakerphone. He laughs as he asks the person on the other end of the line whether or not he/she thinks that he is a catfish. That would make sense given that the rather muscular young man is a model and male escort!

His name is Max, but he goes by Maximus on the Washington, DC area male escort website Cowboys 4 Angels. (Due to our advertisers I cannot link directly to his profile.) Here’s Maximus’ bio from the site:

Meet Maximus! Maximus is an aspiring fitness model and biochemist with a master’s degree from Georgetown University and is a true DMV local. Born in DC and raised in Northern Virgina, he is the son of proud immigrants who both own thriving businesses locally. A 2015 graduate of Paul VI Catholic High School, and a division 1 college football recruit, he found himself dreaming of other aspirations. Ultimately, Maximus would pursue an undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry and neuroscience before going on to complete his Masters degree in Biochemistry at Georgetown.

In his free time, Maximus enjoys traveling to tropical locale, evaluating scientific reports in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and performance, and of course training at the gym. Maximus also enjoys experiencing the nightlife and culture of the various cities he loves to visit.

Love During Lockup Max is male escort Maximus on Cowboys 4 Angels

UPDATE – We’ve gotten some requests to include Max’s rates, so here they are:

Love During Lockup Max's male escort rates

That is quite the resume! But could it be that Max is pumping up his CV like he’s pumped up his biceps? I did some research and it appears that pretty much everything he states in his Cowboys 4 Angels bio is accurate — except his name. (I will potentially reveal his real name in a later post. I’m curious to see which name WE tv uses!)

“Max” was indeed recruited to play football out of high school. I don’t know if he was recruited by any Division I college football programs, but Max did sign a letter of intent with a well known Division III university. He would eventually decide to eschew football in favor of pursuing an undergraduate degree in biology and biopsychology at another university. His name is attached to a patent filed in 2017 for a machine-learning system for academics.

I couldn’t confirm Max’s master’s degree from Georgetown, but I also couldn’t find any reason to doubt the claim.

Max’s rather buff appearance is a relatively recent development. He shares numerous throwback photos online and reveals that it took him about 3.5 years to go from scrawny to buff. Prior to his “scrawny” phase, Max struggled with being chubby.

Let’s get back to Love During Lockup! Max is literally someone that women would pay to date, so it’s unclear why he would be looking for love among incarcerated inmates. The fact that his prison bae might be wondering if Max is a catfish would suggest that the two weren’t dating prior to the woman’s incarceration. (I say woman because Max makes it quite clear on social media that he is straight and doesn’t date men.)

Max is working VERY hard to promote himself online. He has more than 70,000 followers on TikTok, and he already has free and premium Only Fans accounts. Could it be that Max is pitching prison woo simply to get on a reality show? I guess we will have to tune in to decide for ourselves!

Love During Lockup is set to premiere in January of 2022.

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