LOVE DURING LOCKUP Tara Medlock arrested again, currently in jail

Love During Lockup Max's inmate girlfriend Tara Medlock arrested again 2022

Love During Lockup‘s Tara Medlock, who was Max’s inmate girlfriend on the show, is currently back behind bars in Georgia.
According to jail records, Tara was booked on April 25 at 5:33PM. The charges are listed as a parole violation and “failure to appear for fingerprintable charge.”

According to court records, Tara was scheduled to be in court on April 18 for a case that was initially filed in 2020. Tara was cited for improper/erratic lane change and then picked up a misdemeanor charge of giving a false name, address or birth date to a law enforcement officer.

If you are curious about Tara’s timeline in regards to the show, she was incarcerated in October of 2020 for meth possession and was released in August of 2021. She participated in Love During Lockup in the weeks just prior to her release and just after.

As you may have deduced already, Tara’s pending misdemeanor charge for giving a false name was waiting for her upon her release. It’s unclear if she was aware of her court date in April.
It is very surprising that Tara is still behind bars after more than five weeks when jail records indicate that her bond has been set at just $650.

Online court records indicate that Tara’s case is still open, but there are no dates listed for an upcoming hearing. It’s unknown if Max has reached out to Tara again.

Prior to her recent arrest, Tara was quite active on social media. She did a lengthy interview with YouTuber According to Amber in January in which she talked about her relationship with Max and being cast for the show, among other things. Click here for our recap of that interview.

Tara did a couple of lives on the “Red Flags with Lily” YouTube channel in January as well. Here was her second appearance, posted on January 25:

The most recent online activity I could find for Tara was an Instagram post in early February when she was visiting a tattoo parlor. Here’s the gallery of images, but be warned that they contain some SERIOUS duck lippage:

We will keep checking in on Tara’s court case. Until then, we have updated her status on our Love During Lockup Inmate Recidivism Chart to being arrested again and currently in jail.

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