LOVE DURING LOCKUP Talsey McCullough arrest update, new mug shot photo

Love During Lockup Talsey McCullough arrest 2022

We have some updates on the multiple arrests of Love During Lockup inmate Talsey McCullough. As we previously reported, Talsey was arrested on February 4 and charged with felony aggravated assault. He was released and arrested four days later for felony arson.

Also arrested on February 8 was Talsey’s fiancée, Kayla Miller. She was charged with hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal.

Kayla is the woman that Talsey was seeing soon after his release in May of 2020, as revealed on Love During Lockup. The two have been together for more than a year and a half, and they officially announced their engagement late last year.

It is easy to assume that Kayla was withholding information about Talsey’s whereabouts, or potentially even hiding him, but that has not been confirmed. Making the story even more complicated is that Kayla’s daughter launched a GoFundMe on February 9 revealing that Kayla’s “home was burned down leaving almost nothing behind but rubble and ash.” Her daughter adds that her mother (and brother) were “victims of arson.”

It’s difficult to understand why Kayla would have been hiding Talsey from police if he burned their house down. Clearly there is something missing from the story. (There are rumors swirling online that perhaps Talsey burned the house down as part of a botched insurance fraud scheme, but that is unfounded speculation at this point.)

Kayla later bonded out and was released on February 11.

Talsey McCullough Arrest Update

We’ve been able to obtain a little more information about Talsey’s arrest, including his mug shot from February 4. (Talsey’s new booking photo is included at the top of this post.)

In his photo, Talsey can be seen wearing an anti-suicide smock vest.

In addition to the new mug shot photo, we were also able to find out that Talsey’s aggravated assault arrest on February 4 was classified as “family violence.” We also have more clarification on the arrest timeline.

Talsey was arrested just before midnight on February 4. He was released on February 7, then booked again a day later. We are still working on getting additional details and will update as soon as we know more.

In a relatively minor update, Kayla posted on Facebook on Saturday to let her friends know that she found her dog, which had been missing since the day she was arrested.

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