THE DUGGARS Jessa Seewald’s surprisingly liberal stance on birth control

Jessa Duggar Seewald is in the news for announcing her really sad miscarriage during the 2022 holiday season. The mother of four seems to be actively trying to grow her family, but her stance on birth control may actually surprise you.

Why JimBob and Michelle quit using birth control

The conservative Christian family The Duggars don’t talk a lot about the act of sex, but they have been pretty vocal on their opinions on preventing it.

After successfully conceiving now shamed eldest son Joshua Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle suffered a devastating miscarriage. Somewhat surprising was what they think caused the loss.

Duggar told The Friddle Show:

When Michelle and I first got married, we got married pretty young. She was 17, I was 19, and we thought we would eventually have 1 or 2, 3 children, but we weren’t ready for children right away. So she went on the birth control pill, and it was on that until about 3 and a half years into our marriage, and then […] she ended up going off the pill. We had our first son, Josh. Then she went back on the pill and then something we didn’t know is that the pill can actually allow women to get pregnant, but then it can be aborted. That’s what happened with Michelle.

Since the pair went on to have 19 more kids, it’s clear that they never against used birth control. One would assume the next generation of Duggars would follow suit, but a few of them have come out saying they aren’t actually opposed.

Jessa Duggar Seewald’s liberal views

Sadly, Jessa Seewald recently announced that she had a miscarriage of her own while trying for baby number 5. The announcement came with a shocking revelation, however: she definitely isn’t blaming birth control.

In a YouTube video shared on her personal page, the 19 Kids and Counting star made their opinion on family planning clear:

We are not against birth control. While we are not against preventing a pregnancy or spacing kids or whatever, for sure there are categories that would be morally wrong for the Christian because they would take the life of a baby that’s already been conceived. We know that children are a blessing from the lord, but like with any blessing, it’s fine to manage that.

Another reason this admission is so surprising is because just yesterday Starcasm reported on another conservative ‘fundie”s opinion on the topic. Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World was asked a similar question and her response was nothing but rude emojis.

We hope the Seewalds the best on their journey to expand their family – whatever that ends up looking like!

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