Was Adults Adopting Adults cancelled because of Danny? Producer says show ‘will be back’

Was Adults Adopting Adults canceled because of Danny Huff?

A&E has pulled their new reality series Adults Adopting Adults after just three episodes. The removal of the series comes after an outcry of criticism due to the show’s most controversial star, Danny Huff.

Adults Adopting Adults premiered January 31 and was scheduled to air Episode 4 on Monday night. However, A&E did not air the episode at the scheduled time. By the following day, all evidence of the series had been completely erased from the network’s website and app.

There has been no statement from A&E about pulling the series. The Daily Beast reported on the show being pulled, and other sites are linking to their article claiming that Danny Huff was the reason. However, the article doesn’t actually say that:

A&E has pulled its controversial new show Adults Adopting Adults off the air this week, as well as removing all online episodes, after fans had raised concerns about one of the show’s stars, Danny Huff, The Daily Beast has confirmed.

The Daily Beast confirms that the show has been pulled, and it happened after fans “raised concerns” about Danny. That is just a simple chronological fact. The show was also pulled after the first three episodes had very low ratings. We still do not know the network’s official reason why.

Will Adults Adopting Adults Be Back?

Multiple sources have stated that the show will return in some form. Danny Huff’s Facebook fan page shared the following announcement:

Hey everyone I want to give everyone an update. A&E didn’t cancel the show, they simply removed it from airing and I’ve been told we be on a streaming platform soon. Not sure which platform, but when they tell me I’ll pass it along. I appreciate everyone who could watch the show in its time slot, but it just wasn’t getting enough people viewing it at day and time. I know I’m very excited for everyone to see the last 7 episodes. Only speaking on my story but the best has yet to come out.

Danny also spoke briefly with The Daily Beast in regards to his on-screen conduct with Ileana, the homeless and pregnant teen from Austria that he was hoping to adopt. “I never had any inappropriate actions, words, comments, anything to her,” Danny insists.

Adults Adopting Adults was created as a partnership between producers Crybaby Media and Glass Entertainment Group. Crybaby Media founder Danny Passman responded to the question of whether or not the show was cancelled in the Reality Life with Kate Casey Facebook group.

“It didn’t rate well on Mondays unfortunately but it will be back on air or online soon,” Danny Passman explained. (I will continue using his last name to avoid confusion.) “There are so much more of the stories to tell!”

Another commenter asked why they would pull the show from the app. “I honestly have no clue why the eps are pulled,” Danny Passman replied. “All I know is we are still filming and editing the final episodes. So I’m excited to get those ready for people to watch.”

Adults Adopting Adults Danny Controversies

The controversies surrounding Adults Adopting Adults star Danny Huff started before the show aired. Here are some excerpts from our cast profile post based on the preview clips:

Danny and Christy are a married couple from Ohio. Danny has a history of infidelity, and also a history of curiosity when it comes to adopting young women. The result is a cringe-worthy blurring of the lines that almost makes Danny and Christy a better fit for Seeking Sister Wife than Adults Adopting Adults.

The [since deleted preview] video starts with Danny providing some background. “Adult adoption came to my attention when a young 18-year-old girl came and bought a puppy from us.” He adds that the girl’s father had passed away, and he “felt a need to help her in some way.”

Danny says the young girl was interested in being adopted, but unlike the puppy, her adoption never happened. “Unfortunately, I could not pursue that first young lady because I actually started having feelings for her,” he admits. “She was a very beautiful young lady.”

Christy glares at Danny throughout his brief history lesson, and her glare seems to intensify with every word he says. “On top of that,” she adds when her husband is done, “he’s been unfaithful in the past. And it almost ended us.”

Christy says that Danny promised her that he would never be unfaithful again. “But then Ileana came along and I thought, ‘He’s really doing this! Again!’”

In the first three episodes, Danny continued to say and do things that suggested his attraction to Ileana was more than just paternal. Plus, he seemed to have a complete disregard for the impact that Ileana’s presence was having on his wife.

Danny’s on-screen behavior got a lot of backlash online, including allegations of sex trafficking. However, producers and the network had to be aware of all of Danny’s on-screen behaviors prior to the season airing. I assume they knew there would be some backlash, but were willing to risk that for the potential publicity that Danny’s antics would generate.

Something that the network and producers may not have been aware of was Danny’s off-screen behavior. Well, off-network on-screen behavior.

A TikTok video posted by Danny in February of 2021 began to make the rounds on social media last week. In the clip, Danny shared his thoughts on racism. Here is a transcript of what Danny says in the clip, followed by a re-posting of the video:

Morning everybody. It’s mid-February [around] Valentine’s Day. And I want to talk to you about something that’s a lot more, um, serious, and that’s called racism.

Racism is alive and well in this country. Unfortunately, it comes from the Blacks. We’re not racist. Whites aren’t racist for the most part. We don’t care. Black History Month, BET, all-Black colleges, Black Lives Matter, I mean, these are just examples of how racism is alive and well in this country.

If you want racism to end, join the rest of us. Stop singling yourself out. You fought for segregation, or against segregation — well, join us. Really! It’s OK. We love ya! Bye.


@A&E #adultsadoptingadults #racist

♬ original sound – Latisha

Danny’s TikTok account is no longer active.

Criticism of Danny was not restricted to just viewers. Jenny, who was looking to adopt sisters Tawney and Felicia on the show, shared this comment on Facebook after receiving numerous compliments about their adoption story:

Thank you all !!
What an experience of a lifetime .. grateful and loved love love ❤️
We had no idea a creepy yuck 🤢 guy would be on the show!

We will continue to monitor the story and will update if Adults Adopting Adults finds a new home.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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