Are Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet compatible? A zodiac analysis.

Fans are super confused by the latest Hollywood match up between The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner and actor Timothee Chalamet.

Are the pair compatible? We don’t have a ton of details, but we CAN analyze their zodiac signs… and it’s very possible this couple makes more sense together than we think.

Kylie Jenner star sign

Kylie Jenner: born August 10, 1997

For those who have knowledge of zodiac signs, it may not come as a surprise that Kylie is a Leo. The star sign, represented by a lion, is infamous for being successful, as well as the center of attention. says: Leo is a firm believer in hard work, but tends to get things done through their charm and social skills.

This describes Jenner to a ‘T,’ as she’s the first in the Kar-Jenner family to hit billionaire status, partially because of her hard work on brands like Kylie Cosmetics and partially because of her status as an influencer.

Leo’s fall under the “fire sign” category – the element that aches for “creative freedom.” Being a business owner and boss are natural for those who were born under this sign.

Timothee Chalamet star sign

Timothee Chalamet: born December 27, 1995

Timothee Chalamet is a rising star in Hollywood thanks to his work on projects like Call Me by Your Name and the television series Homeland.

Chalamet is only 27, but he’s already been nominated for an Academy Award. For those who understand zodiac signs, this guy has being a Capricorn down pat.

Capricorns are hard workers who prefer to fly under the radar. says that Capricorn men are known as being more conservative, hard working and having a traditional in outlook. The “earth sign” is just that… down to earth.

This could explain why we know a lot more about Chalamet’s acting achievements than him as a person. Until being linked to Jenner, he was known for having an air of mystery about him.

Leo/Capricorn compatability

Do Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet’s zodiac signs make them a good match? Surprisingly, yes.

In the most telling analysis, says:

Although they may seem to be an unlikely couple on the surface, their love will grow as they discover similarities.

Both partners enjoy comfort and pampering and love working toward their goals. Leo and Capricorn both relish the spotlight and material possessions.

Leo can show Capricorn a good time and Capricorn can prove to Leo the value of hard work and traditional values.

When you think of this in the context of an Oscar award nominee and a super famous Kardashian-spawn… it totally makes sense! The pair will encourage each other to grow in their thriving careers, in-between all the Hollywood fun.

Written in the stars, this “odd couple” might make a lot more sense than we originally assumed.

Ashley Marie is a writer for Starcasm and the personality behind Twitter’s @RealityByAshley. You can contact Ashley via Twitter or email at realitybyashley(at)

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