LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Exclusive: Chazz discovers Branwin and Tara are an escort duo?

Life After Lockup Branwin and Tara

It’s another week and we have another exclusive sneak peek from the new episode of Life After Lockup! In this clip, Sherlock Chazz continues to investigate his wife Branwin’s online escorting profile and discovers that she may not be working alone!

The video starts with Branwin and her gal pal Tara working on renovating Tara’s kitchen. They are removing some hardware as the topic of Chazz’s meddling ways comes up. The scene cuts to a confessional with Branwin in which she seems offended that Chazz thinks she’s a prostitute, just before switching gears and saying that being called a prostitute is nothing to be offended by.

“To know that Chazz is sneaking around behind my back is just annoying as f***,” Branwin says. “I can’t believe that he thinks I’m a prostitute. But, if I was, like, would you not love me? Like, a lot of women prostitute and I don’t have any less respect for them.”

We then catch up with Chazz, who has created a fake account on the escorting website so he can monitor Branwin’s profile. He notices there is a recent review on Branwin’s profile which seemingly reveals that cabinet handles may not be the only knobs Branwin and Tara have been polishing together! The review was described as “Duo partner” with someone named Nova366.

“Enjoyed a nice Saturday morning romp with these two beauties,” the review reads. “I’m guessing that would be her friend Tara because the email is Taralicious,” Chazz says.

As Tara and Branwin take a tour of Tara’s basement, Chazz continues to read the review. “Strategic placement of mirrors are a nice touch.” WE tv producers have a little fun as they immediately cut to Tara and Branwin laying on the basement bed together looking up at the mirror on the ceiling and giggling.

“An hour of cardio,” Chazz’s review recitation continues, “mixed in with some friendly banter made this a duo for the ages. Will definitely repeat.”

Chazz points out that the review was from just a few days prior. He then reflects on his recent interactions with Tara with a new perspective. “I see Tara the other day and she’s all teary-eyed and crying saying she don’t want to lose her friend — no, she didn’t want to lose her partner in the sex trade. F*** it all!”

For those of you curious to read the duo’s profile, I took a screen cap, rotated it, and enhanced it a bit for you:

Life After Lockup Branwin escort profile with Tara?

Are Branwin and Tara doing prostitutorial type work together? Will Branwin respond to Chazz’s solicitutorial DM? Will this be the last straw for Chazz? Or will he try to pitch a polygamatorial type relationship by offering to add Tara as a sister wife? Tune in to the new episode of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup Friday night at 9/8c on WE tv to find out!

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