LHHATL Lovely Mimi and husband Remy The Boss are a party bus time bomb waiting for the rest of the cast to catch up

Lovely Mimi's husband 2

Instagram sensation Lovely Mimi has made quite a splash since her debut for LHHATL Season 6. But her husband Remy The Boss (real name Remy Skinner) is also attracting attention to himself, thanks mainly to his unusual role on the show. He’s the rare Love & Hip Hop husband who’s both subordinate to his wife in the cast and who seems to be totally cool with that.

In fact, as a recent LHHATL bonus clip made clear, Remy seems totally used to playing the so-called second fiddle in the relationship, and helping Lovely Mimi keep both her brand and the family’s on track. (Which, given Mimi’s ability to turn “over-the-top” into a completely useless modifier, can’t be easy to do.)

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As VH1 itself explained, Remy knows that “the key to keeping Lovely Mimi from bouncing off the walls is to talk to her about her hustle and keep things positive.” It’s a tough task, but Remy’s strength seems to be his ability to lie in wait: he points out that he’s been “handling” both Mimi and their two children since the family’s move to Atlanta, keeping his own ambition on the back burner out of necessity.

But that means he’s also there to get some of the credit when one of Mimi’s projects takes off–as was the case with her most recent ATL salon success:

Shout out to the squad @mimiultraviolet #everydaywelit #euntrepreneur #business remy the #boss

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Plus, his (so far) quiet role as the Lovely Mimi husband *is* paying off for Remy: since Mimi’s first LHHATL appearance two weeks ago, his Instagram following has more than doubled. Along with his business profile: Remy has a stake in the Party Life ATL bus line–but devoteés will recall that such an investment puts him in competition with fellow LHHATL newbie Melissa Scott, whose Atlanta-based Party Bus Animals charter caters to the same clientele. So we’re now expecting to see a fight over party bus territory at some point during this season, preferably on a moving party bus 😉

Finally, here are a few Lovely Mimi husband photos of note–the first of which is of the tattoo of his wife that Remy has on his right arm:

Lovely Mimi's husband face tattoo

And here’s a pair of Lovely Mimi throwback pics featuring Remy, taken back in 2012 when Mimi was pregnant with daughter Juice

Lovely Mimi's husband from 2012 2

Lovely Mimi's husband from 2012

For now, Remy and his “Queen of Extra” Lovely Mimi will continue to make waves on new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, airing Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Lovely Mimi husband via Instagram)

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