Kylie Jenner wants the internet to call her bluff on her alleged sex tape

Did Kylie Jenner's sex tape leak 2

The question has cropped up every few months almost since the day the youngest Kardashian turned 18: Did Kylie Jenner’s sex tape leak? The first major rumors flared up last Christmas, when alleged footage from Kylie and Tyga’s self-proclaimed “International Sex Tour” appeared to potentially leak onto the internet. Then, this past spring, sources seemed to confirm that there was in fact such a tape, and that Kylie was willing to shop it–but that she was holding out for “way more” than the $10 million she’d reportedly been offered. And that $10 million offer emerged all the way back in August of 2015, on Kylie’s 18th birthday, when adult home video company Vivid made her a formal offer for footage of herself and Tyga doin’ the nast’.

Now, brand-new footage, featuring someone who fans and detractors alike are both claiming and hoping looks an awful lot like Kylie Jenner, has surfaced. Reports that the clip actually did feature Kylie (plus her boyfriend Tyga, who didn’t have anything going on that day) burst forth like the first buds of spring. So, last night, Kylie took the unusual step of addressing fan concerns that her privacy–and earning power–had been breached:

Of course, that’s exactly what you would *expect* her to say in this situation. But Kylie drew further attention to herself by actually re-tweeting the footage. So, if it really is her, she’s playing a deep game (OK, two) by sharing the clip and daring us to call her on it. And, because everything the Kardashians do is steeped in rumor, vague controversy, and just the merest whiff of sex, it really could be her and no one would have any way of actually, genuinely verifying the fact unless Kylie and Tyga both copped to it, then released a second clip where they were both holding signs like the ones celebrities use to verify that it really is them doing a Reddit AMA.

(Photo credits: Did Kylie Jenner’s sex tape leak via Instagram)

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