Kylie and Tyga together (still): Alleged secret wedding thwarted by alleged double-secret Kardashian sabotage

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Now that Brad and Angelina are done, it seems Kylie and Tyga together are stepping up to fill their shoes. Or that’s what they’d have us believe, anyway, now that rumors of an apparent top-secret wedding the two are planning have made it into the gossipsphere. (That’s Kylie next to her sleep elopemobile in the photo above.) The rest of Kylie’s famous family, however, is firmly opposed to the pair’s nuptuals (along with presumably every other pairing the two have gotten up to), and are stepping forward to put a stop to everything they can.

Reports that Kylie–seen next to her sleep elopemobile in the photo above–is engaged to Tyga rocked the 19-year-old’s fan base last week, while her detractors could be heard screaming about her apparent refusal to sign a pre-nup. (Also, Kylie has been wearing 26-year-old Tyga’s promise ring, because they are both sixth graders in the hall between homeroom and first period.)

Now, according to a new Inquisitr report, the pair are desperate to get married–and are holding back only because the greater Kardashian klan might have their plan in check. “She’s 19,” their source stated flatly, “she can do what she wants to do, and her passion for this guy is real. She’s so in love. She could easily elope with him…”

That said, it sounds like it’s fear of disapproval that has Kylie worried. “There are zero people in her life that want to see her marry Tyga right now,” the same source went on. “Literally everyone is begging her to slow down.”

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As for the “sabotage” the family supposedly has planned, the source was hesitant to say, but seemed to imply that money would be involved. “Tyga isn’t worried about his finances,” said the insider. “Kylie’s been his rock and has reassured him that she’s his bank and will catch him if he falls. He’s not depending on her by any means, but, she’s his safety net in case some sh!t goes down.” (Note: Between repossessed cars, angry former landlords looking for back rent, and courts in need of ever-present fees, sh!t has gone down plenty for Tyga over the past year. By our estimate, he’s in debt to Kylie for approximately one million dollars.)

“Kylie’s holding him down,” the source concluded, “and that’s what a real woman, especially one who’s in her financial position, should do for her man.”

So: Why are Kylie and Tyga together, still? What is it that keeps her with him? Jordyn Woods, one of Kylie’s closest teenaged confidantes, recently went on record saying that it’s love, plain and simple. “Everyone has different relationships and different things that they love about each other,” she told Hollywood Life. “So I think when you find someone who you connect with–you just have that chemistry.”

(Photo credits: Kylie and Tyga together via Instagram)

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