Kylie Jenner terrified Blac Chyna will reveal her secrets in upcoming tell-all book

Kylie Jenner terrified 2

If the rumors are to be believed, Kylie Jenner is terrified by the mere possibility of her rival Blac Chyna writing a book. And why is Kylie Jenner terrified? Because she believes that a significant portion of the book’s content would focus on the steamy, heretofore untold secrets Blac knows about Kylie, thanks to her ongoing relationship with ex-lover Tyga.

According to the latest reports, Tyga and Blac are still close–so much so that the Tygster “runs” to Blac for advice and good vibes every time he and Kylie hit a rough spot. And that, say insiders, is not cool with Kylie:


Kylie thinks Blac’s an opportunist and it upsets her that Tyga runs to his ex when they’re having problems, telling her everything that’s going in their relationship. For all Kylie knows, Blac could be taking all that information and plotting to write a book, exposing what goes on behind closed doors with Kylie and Tyga. She doesn’t trust Blac. She feels that woman has some sort of spell over Tyga, especially since they’ve had a child together…


Rumors that Kylie Jenner has become pregnant by Tyga in order to one-up Blac Chyna remain unsubstantiated.

Kylie Jenner terrified 3

It’s also unclear if Kylie Jenner still relishes the thought of a showdown with Blac Chyna, as she did during the period of post-birthday euphoria Kylie experienced after turning eighteen. Back then, it was reported that Kylie was excited about the possibility of ending her long-standing feud with Blac. And, of course, the big worry around the same time was that Blac would use her upcoming MTV reality show to dish on Kylie and Tyga. As we now know, however, that show has been canceled. It looks like Blac might have decided that a tell-all book is the perfect medium for secret sharing.

Tyga, meanwhile, appears confused:

Kylie Jenner terrified 4

Of course, it’s also possible that Blac is only cheering for a Kylie Jenner and Tyga breakup from the sidelines. Just last week, it was reported that Blac was “pretty sure” the pair was close to a breakup, and that it was a mere matter of time before she got she wanted: reportedly, a second baby by King Cairo’s daddy.


(Photo credits: Tyga, Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner terrified via Instagram)

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