PHOTOS Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: 18-year-old denies all rumors, says Kris ‘would never let me’

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Are the Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumors true? Not according to Kylie herself, who denied them in a recent livestream. According to her, Kris would not allow it. But is Kylie telling the truth?

The 18-year-old got the big Kylie Jenner plastic surgery question during a recent live-stream with her fans. One Twitter user asked her “why you have more plastic in your body than a Barbie doll”–a question which, perhaps unsurprisingly, Kylie decided to answer.

“Contouring has changed my life,” Kylie said, by way of explanation. To hear her tell it, the lack of Kylie Jenner plastic surgery is due to one person: namely, Kris Jenner.

“My mom wasn’t even going to let me get my lips done,” Kylie responded. “So there’s no way in hell she was going to let me get my boobs done, or my butt, or anything else. Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained 15 pounds and my body has changed. I’ve definitely filled out.

“I haven’t done anything except my lips,” Kylie continued, “but nobody seems to believe that, so…I don’t really care. But I did just turn 18, so it kind of surprises me when people think I’ve undergone so many surgeries.

“I haven’t gotten breast implants!” she concluded. “Everyone is obsessed with that….I swear there are things you can do to work on problem areas without having to think about plastic surgery.”

In addition to contouring, Kylie credited Spanx for her change in appearance. And, almost as if she was anticipating a question like the one she got, Kylie also shared a non-Thursday throwback photo of herself on Instagram, captioned to indicate that she was sixteen at the time:

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery 3

The part about growing older checks out. But is Kylie on the level with her fans about plastic surgery? Earlier this year, she finally confessed to using lip fillers. And the breast implant question has come up more than once. Are the changes in Kylie’s look due to simple aging…or to something more?

Here are a few more throwback photos of Kylie over the last few years, followed by a few from the past couple of weeks. Judge for yourself:

Kylie Jenner November 2014 Before

Kylie in November of 2014


Kylie Jenner ang Tyga Together

Kylie and Tyga in February of 2015


Kylie Jenner New Car

Kylie upon receiving a new car in July of 2014


Kendall Jenner feuding Kylie

Kylie Jenner thi


(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner plastic surgery va Instagram)

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