Kylie Jenner promises epic brawl if Tyga gets Blac Chyna pregnant

Kylie Jenner fight 2

Kylie Jenner has responded to the recent news that Blac Chyna wants Tyga back so the two of them can make baby number two. Kylie, as you might expect, is not amused by the prospect–and has promised a battle of epic proportions should the deed go down.

In a story that’s been dominating the Kylie Jenner news cycle since it broke over the weekend, Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna came clean about the real reason she can’t stop throwing shade at Kylie Jenner: it’s because she’s “heartbroken” over the fact that she lost her 25-year-old boy-child to a 18-year-old reality TV star. Blac wants Tyga back: specifically, so he can get her pregnant with their second child.

But that’s not going to happen–at least, not if “King” Kylie Jenner has anything to do about it…

Kylie Jenner fight 3

“…If Tyga cheats and sleeps with Blac, Kylie would completly freak out,” said a reliable friend with knowledge of the situation.

The friend continued: “But that will pale in comparison if he ends up knocking Blac up! If for some reason Tyga does something that incredibly dumb, he better go into the witness protection agency because Kylie will want to kill him.”

But how can Kylie Jenner keep such close tabs on a noted free spirit such as Tyga? Apparently, Kylie goes so far as to watch Tyga’s every move during custody hand-offs between Tyga, Blac Chyna, and their two-year old son, King Cairo.

“Every time Tyga and Blac meet up to hand off King, Kylie will be right there,” said the friend. “She’s not giving Blac any type of leash to manipulate Tyga or seduce him. She knows Blac’s scandalous and would do anything to ruin her relationship. Kylie’s very territorial and she’s marking her spot on Tyga!”

It’s an interesting visual. But is there any substance to back up such a fierce Kylie Jenner threat? Well: if the rumors are to be believed, Kylie has threatened Tyga with the worst possible scenario: betray me, and I’ll dump you…and take my money away, too.

“Tyga’s never, ever going back to Blac,” said a separate, equally reliable source. “But if he even looks at her in way that’s sexual, Kylie would be done with him!”

A dumping would be especially painful for Tyga, who’s rumored to be near bankruptcy and dependent upon Kylie’s considerable income to pay his bills.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner via Instagram)

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