Millionaire Matchmaker’s John Bonavia arrested for attempted murder of woman

John Bonavia Millionaire Matchmaker Arrested

One-time Millionaire Matchmaker hopeful John Bonavia was arrested this month for attempted murder of a woman who lived in his house, police told TMZ.

Law enforcement from the Beverly Hills Police Department said a neighbor reported hearing “screaming and pounding” coming from inside John’s home on Sept. 12. When officers arrived, John was “uncooperative.” After police forced their way into the residence, they found a “battered and bloody” woman. TMZ added, “The woman was in bad enough shape that cops arrested Bonavia for attempted murder. The D.A. later charged him with felony injury on a cohabitant. He was also charged with making criminal threats.”

Since John’s March 2014 episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker, he’s had multiple encounters with law enforcement: In May of that year, he allegedly broke into ex-girlfriend Carlee Fugate’s home and assaulted her. Court documents obtained by Radar Online described the scene as such…

[Bonavia] ripped her shorts and proceeded to bite the side of her back and the side of her face. He then turned her over and started to strangle her with both hands around her neck… Fugate could not breathe and believed she was going to die. While choking Fugate, Bonavia repeated over and over again, ‘I’m going to kill you tonight.'”

Six months later, he was arrested for being drunk in public.

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