Kourtney Kardashian brokenhearted to suddenly realize Scott Disick is made of Hennessy and strobe lights

Scott Disick hosts 1 Oak Nightclub

So, apparently Kourtney Kardashian finally acknowledges what everyone else has known for years, which is that Scott Disick is a walking 1OAK ad who will always send her to couples therapy alone. That’s the gist of the latest rumors involving the couple, who may be expecting a fourth child together even as a “heartbroken” Kourtney finds herself trying to make things work with a distracted baby daddy.

Hollywood Life appears to have it on good authority that Scott was caught engaging in a “wild time” at the Sundance Film Festival last week. Per insiders, Scott’s festivities involved “riding the party circuit with his boys,” “staying in a big house up in the hills with his guy friends,” and “partying,” all of which sounds like the kind of stuff you tell your girlfriend you’re doing when you don’t actually have any plans. And Scott was noticeably absent from the biggest party at Sundance this year:

The beginning of today's #womensmarch at #Sundance

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Now, according to Inquisitr, Kourtney “feels played by Scott for the millionth time” and “feels stuck in this terribly unhealthy cycle with the father of her children.” However, their same anonymous source indicated that Kourtney is unlikely to change, given that “her strong love and bond for him prevents her from finding a healthy way to stop the madness.”

Scott’s absences mean Kourtney attends intended couples therapy sessions by herself, which is simultaneously the saddest thing since Michael Bluth couldn’t hook it up with his family’s publicist and not upsetting or surprising at all. Her partner is the same guy who loaded up his calendar with paid nightclub appearances just weeks after his fourth stint in rehab; following that, he was reported to have “nearly died” of a cocaine overdose in something of a misguided cry for help. Scott Disick isn’t changing for anyone: not his children, not the mother of his children, and certainly not himself. Kourtney’s stuck choosing between a 33-year-old professional partier and the human red Solo cup that is Justin Bieber until she realizes she really can step away from the spotlight if she remembers how.

(Photo credits: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick drama via Instagram, DJDM / WENN.com)

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