PHOTOS Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in “Who Wore It Best? Mom & Daughter Edition”

Kris Jenner E! Upfront Event red lace Valentino dressKim Kardashian long-sleeve red lace Valentino dress

Kim Kardashian’s assets make her the reigning queen of the fashion Thunderdome known as “Who Wore It Best?” I imagine that whenever Kim dons a particular look it’s pretty much retired, much like a player’s number in sports. So it’s rare to see someone challenge her by entering the ring at all, especially someone who is fully aware that Kim’s otherworldly figure has already worked its magic in those particular clothes, which certainly must have been the case with Kim’s mom Kris Jenner.

But Mama Kris was unafraid as she boldly donned a long-sleeve red lace Valentino dress to the E! Upfront event yesterday, the same exact dress worn by Kim at a fragrance launch event less than a year ago. So, you know how this works: Two women enter, one woman leave! Who do you think wore it best?

Here’s a zoomed in side-by-side view:

Who wore it best Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

But wait, before you decide perhaps you should know that Kris Jenner walked into the event recording everything on her iPhone — which was in a case that had the words “Queen of F***ing Everything” in bold lettering!

Kris Jenner's Queen of F---ing Everything iPhone case

I don’t know if Kris’s sass and swagger would affect you negatively or positively (or not at all), but I thought it important to bring it to your attention 🙂

Think you’ve got what it takes to wear this red lace Valentino dress better than Kim Kardashian? Then you better be prepared to shell out $3,690 because that’s the price listed for it on the Saks Fifth Avenue website! Actually, it may not even be that easy because it is currently sold out.

Long-sleeved red lace Valentino dress from Saks Fifth Avenue